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BCB Sponsored: Swimming in Winter

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Kathy Ryan, Owner, Goldfish Swim School
Winter in Chicago might be the last season you’d associate with swimming. But whether you’re looking to get your kids swim-safe by summer or for a tropical escape in the city, there are many great reasons to get out of the snow and into the pool this winter.

Prep for spring break and summer swimming! Just like the saying “beach bodies are made in the winter,” safe swimmers are trained in the months before spring break and summer. Learning to swim takes time and practice, and winter is a great season to start the process. Keeping up with consistent, weekly lessons also helps make great, safe summer swimmers!
It’s always summer at Goldfish! You can escape Chicago’s single-digit weather with Goldfish’s 90-degree pools and tropical-themed facilities. The warm water and pool deck help the learn-to-swim process for kids, letting them focus on their skills instead of shivering in cold water. And family swims are the perfect mini getaway for winter playdates and offer time to practice the skills learned in lessons.
Consistency is key! Were your kids great swimmers last summer? Or started with after-school lessons last fall? Winter is a great time to continue practicing those skills! Programs like Goldfish’s perpetual, year-round lessons will keep your children’s learning momentum going. Instead of ending after a 6- or 8-week session, perpetual lessons feature consistent, weekly lessons and the ability to progress through levels at your child’s pace.
Find swimming’s added benefits! Even if you’re a snow bunny who loves the winter and has no summer swimming plans to prep for, swimming has many additional benefits. Swimming is a great way for young children to practice their motor skills and can be a life-long way to exercise. Play-based classes, like the ones featured in Goldfish’s curriculum, teach kids how feel comfortable while being vulnerable and introduce goal-setting while having fun. The self-esteem and confidence that come with reaching their goals will last them their lifetime, too!
Kathy Ryan is a mother of two and the owner of Goldfish Swim School Roscoe Village. Goldfish Swim School provides swim instruction to children ages 4 months to 12 years-old in a unique setting with highly trained instructors, small class sizes (max 4:1 student to teacher ratio), warm 90-degree pools, and a state-of-the-art water purification system. Goldfish has seven Chicago-area locations. For more information, please visit:http://goldfishswimschool.com/swimming-lessons/.

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