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Reminder: The Mission of BCB

By admin

By: Lindsay Pinchuk, BCB Founder + CEO
When I started Bump Club and Beyond six years ago, I made it our mission to connect moms and moms-to-be with the best information, resources, experts, products and each other both online and through events.   Our mission always has and always will be to support ALL moms, regardless of the choices they make in raising their children.
We constantly share articles on all subjects of parenting through our Facebook page.  We share articles from other mom sites such as Scary Mommy, Pop Sugar Moms and Huffington Post.  We share articles from medical journals, hard news outlets and even our own blog, which is filled with both expert advice and real moms sharing their opinions.  We share stories about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby wearing, stay at home moms, working moms, home safety, water safety, sleep and so much more.  When it comes to motherhood, EVERYONE has an opinion.  And do you know what? THAT’S OK.
Yesterday, Bump Club and Beyond posted an article we felt we had to share, and we stand by our decision in doing so.  The article was from a mom website, Scary Mommy, and it was about how reality star, Kristin Cavallari, made her own goat’s milk formula and how her recipe was published in People Magazine. The article we posted also included the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, whose guidelines we support through our content and programming.
Unfortunately mainstream media and pop culture are such that after seeing this recipe, many people may make decisions without consulting their doctor, or making sure it is safe and right for their own baby. Seeing as this could be very dangerous, we chose to share the post and stand by our reasons for doing so.
In case anyone was wondering, People Magazine has since taken the article and recipe down.
Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.  Bump Club and Beyond did not condemn Kristin for giving her baby this formula.  Our reason for sharing was so that others know that this could harm their baby and  at the very least will ask their doctor first.  Responses on our page chastised BCB for sharing an article some readers called highly judgmental, arguments ensued, and people were downright mean to one another.
I want to be clear about one thing: Bump Club and Beyond will NOT tolerate meanness.   We LOVE and welcome the many opinions by our moms and readers, but there is a way to share your opinion while maintaining your dignity and respect.  When I post a comment, I do a gut check.  I always try to ask myself if I would be ok if my children were the ones reading my post.
BCB and our team stand behind our reasons for sharing this article.
At Bump Club and Beyond your best will always be good enough. We look forward to continuing to provide content to keep you informed and your families safe.

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