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Baby Logan Gets Showered (and she's arrived!)

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Our BCB pregnant blogger is now a mama! Congrats to Ashley and her husband on the birth of their baby girl Antonia! We are so thrilled for them and can’t wait to hear about her adventures with baby. Before she went into labor on Monday she sent along a recap of the FOUR amazing showers she had. Read on for all of the details….

By Ashley Logan
39 Weeks
Feeling: Like Patience is NOT a virtue.
One of the most wondrous things about nine months of alien invasion in your body is how genuinely excited the people close to you get about babies! Our family, friends and loved ones have been by our side every step of the way, supporting us, donning us with more baby gear than we could imagine and literally showering us with love.
Four showers to be exact.
As someone who just a year ago was getting seriously spoiled for her wedding, I was a little bit anxious about asking people to go through another round of shower celebrations in honor of Baby Logan. But the truth is that these last few months have been absolutely amazing because of the showers. It’s a hell of a thing to feel like you’re bringing a baby into the world that is already so, so loved.
To honor those who went so above and beyond for our little family, here is a little bit about each shower, plus a few pics. These ladies could rule the world when it comes to party planning!
The Friends Shower
FriendShower Hostess
The fun started off in January with all of my Chicago-based girlfriends. Five of my best friends hosted the party in the Lincoln Park home of one of my lifelong pals. The theme was “Let Love Bloom,” and these girls went so above and beyond, with incredible homemade food, an amazing diaper cake, an ombre cake for eating and the cutest decor ever. They even had a little headband stand set up so the guests could make baby accessories. It was awesome. Friends are the family that you choose, and the day was perfect exactly for that reason. Although, it was admittedly hard to forget what was happening in that same living room not a year prior for my bachelorette party…Sebastien Thicke, your moves will never be forgotten. Highlights: Headband bar, spray painted decor, ombre cake, substituting cards for baby books and lots of laughs.
Feathering Your Nest
Feathering Nest Hostess
After that, my lovely stepmother hosted a party at their country club with my dad’s side of the family and close family friends. The theme was “Feathering Your Nest” and every detail was so well thought out, from the flowers and decorations to the homemade birdseed feeders for favors. It was delightful. She even put together a game of baby-themed word memory—nothing like a little competition to get the party going! Dan made an appearance at the end, and caused quite a scene with our little nieces who adore him. They couldn’t be more eager to help us, well, him, open the presents—and sit on his lap. We had a ball. Highlights: Homemade favors, advice for mommy and baby cards, awesome game and great company.
Feathering Nest Nieces
Celebrating Sisterhood
Celebrating Sisterhood with hostesses
About a month later, my mom and sisters put together another shower to spoil our little one. This shower was extra special because my mom’s sister, her two daughters, and two of my cousin’s daughters all came in town for a girl’s weekend. We had a lot to celebrate over a few days time, starting with my mom’s birthday, the shower, and most importantly, having all of the sisters and cousins in one place, which isn’t something that happens very often. We have a long legacy of strong women in my family and it was incredible seeing how that is being passed down through the generations. Not to mention that on the guest list, in addition to my family members, were my mom’s best friends, the women who have known me my entire life. It was the ultimate celebration of sisterhood and my heart pretty much exploded that weekend. Highlights: Scented candle favors, gorgeous flower arrangements, mimosa bar and out of town guests.
Celebrating Sisterhood
Family Love
Most recently, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law hosted a perfect shower. It was warm, intimate and exactly what I wanted. My husband’s family has welcomed me with such open arms. It was great seeing the whole family in one place, and everyone who came completely outdid themselves. I loved hearing all of the memories about Dan as a little kid from the people who have known him the longest. One of my favorite details was a clothesline with outfits for baby strung from one end of the kitchen to the other. From bathing suits, sun hats to Indiana University tutus, we are going to have a little fashionista on our hands. It couldn’t have been a more lovely day. Highlights: Intimate setting, delicious food, loving and welcoming family, and a gorgeous handmade blanket made by Yiayia.
Family Love1
All in all, what makes a shower so special is the people. I was blown away by the thoughtful notes, the gifts chosen with care and the love in every room. We couldn’t be more grateful. 

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