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Welcoming Antonia June Logan

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Ashley, our BCB pregnant blogger turned new mom, is back as she chronicles the beginning of her adventures with Antonia. 


Our daughter’s birthday

By Ashley Logan
On March 29, 2016, our lives were forever changed. It wasn’t a false alarm. Rather than several weeks early as we had feared, she was only a week ahead of schedule, which was such a blessing. We had waited for our whole lives to meet her. And boy did she ever make her appearance.
The day before her arrival, I woke up contracting more than usual—even for me. I just had a feeling that this could be it. I had a doctor appointment at 1:00, so made sure to pack my hospital bag, blow out my hair and shave my legs. The contractions were progressing, so I gave my husband a heads up that I thought this could be the day. Once at the doctor, she said she could actually feel the pressure on my bag of water with every contraction. But until the contractions worsened or the bag actually broke, there wasn’t much they could do. She had me make an appointment for three days later and sent me home.
Since my husband had already left work in a panic (again), I stopped at Portillo’s to pick us up some lunch. Back at home, the contractions seemed to be worsening, but still we sat down to eat. Halfway through my delicious cheeseburger, I felt a sudden gush of water. Remember how I was very concerned that I wouldn’t know for sure when my water broke? This left little question—it was like sitting on a water balloon. Labor had officially commenced and it was about 2:30 p.m. We headed to the hospital excited that we would meet our daughter.
By 7:30 p.m. at the hospital, my contractions were lasting about 1:45 seconds and coming every two minutes. That meant that I had almost no reprieve between contractions and the pain was visceral. The best way I can describe the feeling of labor is a combination between the worst intestinal cramps, with the feeling of vomiting until there is nothing left. It’s hideous. I opted for an epidural.
For the record, getting an epidural is not exactly easy. First, they clear out the room, so it was just me, the nurse and the anesthesiologist. They asked me to relax and round out my back. When having violent contractions, this is nearly impossible. Eventually, we figured it out and a cool sensation spread throughout my lower body and I was instantly at peace again.
Let me tell you, epidurals are awesome.
The rest of the night, my cervix continued to progress, until finally it was time to push around 8:30 am. This is where things got a little bit interesting. After almost two hours of pushing, we weren’t having much luck, and I was exhausted. Baby’s head would sort of peek out, but then it was get pulled back in. Finally, the doctor decided it was time for a new game plan. We opted for the suction. The doctor would pull, I would push and out would come the baby, in theory. Unfortunately, when we attempted the massive pull and push, the baby still would not come out. Her shoulders were stuck in my pelvis and the situation was starting to escalate. Her head had come out but the rest of her was not budging. I heard the doctor call for the Neonatologist to come to our room.
We had one more shot to get this baby out and it had to happen fast. An amazing nurse gave me a “come to Jesus” pep talk. It was go time. She pushed down on my stomach, the doctor pulled and I screamed bloody murder while pushing as hard as I could. Then all of the sudden, our daughter made her arrival.
She wasn’t breathing and her body was grey. The doctor immediately put her on my chest, while my husband asked aloud why she wasn’t crying. A second or two passed, but it felt like eternity, before she coughed and then cried. We obviously lost our minds, weeping with joy that after such an ordeal she seemed to be just fine. But within 30 seconds, she was whisked over to the exam table to be assessed by the neonatologist. Luckily our daughter was perfectly healthy.
While her entrance was nothing short of eventful, she was the most perfect angel we had ever seen. With a shock of black hair and these adorable little cheeks, we would never, ever be the same.
Meet Antonia June Logan, born March 29, 2016 at 10:39 am. 8lbs, 6 oz, 22 inches.

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