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Best baby gear for multiples

By admin

BCB Founder and CEO, Lindsay Pinchuk, shared must-have twin gear with Demetrius Ivory, WGN-TV meteorologist, on-air in Chicago today! Ivory and his wife, fellow WGN news anchor, Erin McElroy welcomed twins Hadley and Harlow earlier this winter.

Must-have gear for on-the-go:
1. Joovy Twin Roo, $139.99: This car seat frame stroller is what twin parents need to get around during the first few months. Compatible with almost any car seat, it fits easily into your car and you can take the babies wherever you want! It provides easy access to both babies and folds flat with one hand for easy storage.
2. Graco Twin Pack and Play with Bassinet, $219.99: This is a must, especially for those first few months with the babies. This placard provides a convenient place for the babies to sleep and for you to set them down while going through the rigorous cycle of eat, sleep, play. You can set it up in your living room (where most new moms camp out for the first few months) or in your bedroom to have the babies close to you at bedtime.
3. Bumbleride Indie Twin, $729.99: There are MANY stroller options for twins. For this one we turned to our friend and baby gear expert, The BabyGuy. His recommendation for a stroller system for twins: The Bumbleride Indie Twin (with two Cyber Aton 2 car seats.) The side by side option makes for easy access to the babies. Plus, the footprint is small enough that it will fit through the door, but not as cumbersome as many front/back stroller options provide.
4. Twin Go Carrier, $214.99: Yes it is possible to baby wear twins! This carrier is designed to carry one or two babies of equal or varied sizes giving mom, dad or a caregiver a hands free option—even with twins!
Must have twin gear for feeding:

5. My Breast friend Twins Plus Nursing Pillow: This is THE nursing pillow to use when feeding two babies at once. A few twin moms have said it was a bit big for their glider, so if that is the case you can sit on the floor with your back against the couch.
6. Boppy: Many twin moms have told us that sitting two Boppy pillows side by side with the baby in the center allows for easy bottle feeding of two babies at once.
7. Table for Two, $269: This product allows anyone to feed two babies at once. This was the #1 product on most of the lists of the twin parents we talked to.
(Not shown) Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair, starting at $50: A lot of twin moms we talked to insisted that a high chair is one of the few products you actually need two of. Once they are eating solids they are also starting to move. Having two chairs allows you to feed them both at the same time and keep them contained. This chair is great because it is adjustable and grows with your child, ultimately becoming a booster. You can set it up right at your kitchen table.

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