BCB Sponsored: Six Organic Eating Tips from Happy Family



When it comes to feeding your baby, choosing organic foods is the natural choice. However, it is sometimes hard to know where, when and how to begin. Here are six great ways, you can give your baby the healthiest, happiest start.


  1. Start whenever you can! Good nutrition matters most in your baby’s first 1,000 days, which begin in pregnancy and lasts through their second birthday. During this vital window, what you eat and what you feed your baby sets up their wellness blueprint—laying the foundation for their health both mentally and physically.
  1. Choose transparency. Become a label reader and choose products you can see to be organic and nutritious. Before your baby is ready for solids, get familiar with products and choose those with the fewest and most familiar ingredients.  If you want to make your own baby food, there are plenty of resources to make it as easy as possible. Happy Family provides recipes on its Clearly Crafted pouches (the first see-through baby food pouches) and their website.
  1. Buy local organic produce. Whenever you can, choose organic produce sourced locally. Not only does buying local support family-owned farms, it is a simple step that helps build agricultural sustainability and ensures organic produce is available forever! Buying local also means a lower carbon footprint as food is shipped shorter distances.
  1. Shop Smart. Bring a copy of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 with you to your farmers’ market and grocery store. The Environmental Working Group (EWG)  has made it easy to figure out which items it’s best to buy organic and which items it is ok to buy conventional.
  1. Be confident. When you understand where your food comes from, you can make the right choices for your family. Happy Family partners with organic farms that implement the Good Agricultural Practices, which includes environmental stewardship, traceability practices and sustainable innovation. Happy Family recently launched Happy Farms, a website where you can learn more about all the farms that produce the organic ingredients in their products. Heading to your local famers’ market and interacting with the farmers can also teach you a lot about where your food comes from.
  1. Be Prepared. Pack your diaper bag with nourishing snacks for on-the-go, so you can avoid grabbing something unhealthy in an emergencyFresh fruit and vegetables are great options, and when you are looking for something you don’t have to refrigerate, Happy Family’s entire line of pouches are shelf stable—meaning you can pack Clearly Crafted and Happy Tot Love My Veggies pouches in your diaper bag or little one’s lunchbox without worrying about temperature control. Stock up on dry snacks as well for when you’re in a pinch. (Happy Family offers Happy Baby Yogis with probiotics and Happy Baby Rice Cakes).


Learn more about mom-run Happy Family, our mission and values, check our Allergy Chart so you can see every product that is appropriate for your children, download our nutrition guides, and visit the Happy Farms that power our organic superfoods at www.happyfamilybrands.com.


Trish Adkins is the Happy Family Happy Mama for Philadelphia and South Jersey. She is also the mother of three, a writer and a childhood cancer advocate. Trish (infrequently) blogs at Yoke (www.triciaadkins.com)