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Five Reasons To Get Your Child Playing Soccer This Summer

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By: Ashley Campbell, Marketing Director at Lil’ Kickers Chicago
Youth soccer is HUGELY popular with Chicago-area families. With locations throughout the city and suburbs, Lil’ Kickers is where many kids get their first introduction to the game. Young children thrive in soccer programs with a child development focus where they learn far more than just how to kick a ball. A truly age-appropriate program will help children build confidence, self-esteem, social intelligence, school readiness skills and healthy habits that can last a lifetime. The Lil’ Kickers curriculum is based on age and developmentally appropriate skills so kids can learn the basics of the game, and more importantly, skills such as teamwork, self-confidence and good sportsmanship. Plus, soccer is just plain fun for kids of all ages!
Wondering whether your kids would enjoy playing soccer this summer? Here are five reasons to get them out to one of our indoor or outdoor facilities this summer:

  1. Work on Those Critical Social Skills! Soccer occurs in a group setting that generates a beneficial social dynamic. Kids learn how to interact with and get along with others because someone is there to help guide their behavior within the group. And it’s not always the coach that does the guiding. Kids can be very honest, very direct and often learn from each other. As a result children learn how to identify social cues and follow rules–skills that are also known as self-regulation, impulse control and accountability.
  2. School Readiness. For kids entering school, the ability to grasp social cues can be more important than learning the alphabet, colors and how to count because they influence how well a child can think and regulate emotions. Kids who are more adept in these areas are more likely to actively engage in school, become competent learners and have healthier relationships. Our classes provide a forum for kids to work on all these critical skills!
  3. Health and Wellness. Soccer has numerous health benefits! Soccer is a great first sport because it’s relatively easy to learn the basics at a young age. It is also a great way to get young kids involved in group learning situations with coaches who teach in fun, creative ways that don’t put undue stress and pressure on kids. Lil’ Kickers classes develop balance and coordination and improve fitness levels. But the experience can also help reduce stress and anxiety — which makes for happier, better adjusted children.
  4. Build Self-Esteem and Confidence. Confidence is how we feel about our abilities to do things and handle situations. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Having both leads to healthier interactions and higher learning outcomes. When taught with age-appropriate coaching methods in a fun, dynamic and nurturing environment, kids stay more engaged and their enthusiasm for learning is sustained.   And the more they practice, the better they get.  The better they get, the better they feel.  The better they feel, the higher the likelihood they will seek out new challenges!
  5. Have Some Fun Together. Summer in Chicago is fleeting! These precious months are a time when we Chicagoans bask in sunshine and warm temps. Although we offer year-round classes at our indoor facilities, the summer months are a time to play soccer outdoors! Take advantage of this time to play outside with your little ones!

Lil’ Kickers Chicago’s Summer Session begins June 18, 2016 for ages 18 mos & up. Choose from 4 indoor and 5 outdoor locations in the city and western suburbs. For more experienced soccer players, ask about our Skill Institute camps beginning June 28 for ages 5-12. Register online, by phone or in person today! 877.545.5457

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