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Ask the Expert: Car Seat FAQs Part 2

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Sergio Garcia, who is a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), and has been installing car seats at Galt Baby for over six years, answered some of our most frequently asked basic car seat questions in Part 1 of this series. In part two, he tackles topics like travel and multiple car seats. Have a question for Sergio or any of our experts? Email us!
Car seat baby feet
What are your best recommendations for traveling with your car seat? 
Sergio: Traveling with your car seat is never easy. If a child is under two-years-old it is not required for you to have a car seat on board because the child will be a lap child so you would check the car seat with your luggage, but make sure you get a travel bag to protect it. With a purchased ticketed seat for a child you will have to take the car seat up to the aircraft and install it forward facing with the lap belt through the belt path. Instead of carrying the car seat through the airport and pushing a stroller to the gate, Check your stroller with you luggage and put the car seat on a Britax car seat travel cart. This will allow the child to sit in the car seat while you pull or push it through the airport to the gate. If you wanted to avoid installing a car seat in the aircraft you can purchase the CARES harness. This product will convert the aircraft lap belt only into a five point harness. This product can ONLY be used for children who are between 22-44 lbs. (ed. note. I just used this with my toddler and it’s amazing!)
I am pregnant with my second child, what is the best combination of seats and where do you put them in the car for maximum safety?
Sergio: With two children in car it is better to place the car seat apart from each other. That way in a side impact collision you do not transfer crash forces from one seat to the other. It is also recommended (if possible) to place the rear facing child behind the passenger and the forward facing behind the driver to that the driver can operate the vehicle comfortably.
How do you know if your car seat is tight enough in your seat?
To make sure your seat is tightened securely in the vehicle move the seat side to side from where the seat is anchored. You are allowed up to an inch of movement off the seat.

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