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To the first moms of BCB as our kids embark on Kindergarten

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Achieving another big milestone together 

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To the original moms of BCB:
It’s hard to believe that six years ago we were sitting at dinners of what was then called Bump Club Chicago.  Our bellies were round and our hearts raced in anticipation of what was to come.  Sure, we knew what people told us to expect, but really, we had no clue what actually lied ahead. How tired we would actually be. How much love would pour from our hearts when our babies arrived.
As we sat together six years ago listening to Judy, Kathy and Janeen, winning prizes and taking home gift bags, did you ever think that we would be here, where we are today? Sure, we have had so many milestones over the last six years, but did you ever think that we would be sending our kids to real school? It’s hard to believe when you look at the pictures above that this is where we are today, isn’t it?  But the first babies of BCB are headed to kindergarten.
In some ways, six years went by in what seems like the blink of an eye. I remember our dinners and brunches like they were yesterday.  Specific conversations, the laughs we shared, the bonds we formed as we were all about to become mothers–many of us for the first time.   But in other ways, it feels like an eternity has gone by, doesn’t it?
Think about how many diapers we’ve changed, how many pump parts we’ve cleaned, how many bottles we’ve washed, how many tantrums we’ve cavaliered, how many times we’ve given in (because let’s face it…we all have), how many times we’ve stood our ground, how many times we’ve lost it (and again, we all have), how many times we’ve laughed and smiled with our kids and each other, and how many times the tears have rolled.  A lot has happened since our pregnancies brought us together.
While I feel lucky to see many of you often, many of us have moved–either to the suburbs or out of Chicago.  Our kids have grown up so much!  Most of them went to different preschools, participated in different activities and different camps.  Our playgroups from the beginning (with the cute pics of the babies on the ground) may not be a thing anymore, but I do think of you often.  I relish in the few minutes I get when I run into you on the street or in a store or a restaurant, even if it’s just a quick catch up.  I am thankful for social media because I have gotten to remain connected to you and have been able to watch your babies grow into kids.  I am thankful that our pregnancies brought us together and know that I will forever associate those early days of motherhood with our bond that Bump Club gave us.
Bump Club came to me when I needed it most–professionally, and most important, personally. I am grateful that you all were brought into my life and I into yours.  Thank you for being my support system over the last six years.  I can’t wait to see where the next six (and more) take us.
While it may not get easier, I am proud to say to all of us:  WE DID IT.
Whether it was last week, this week or next, I wanted to wish you and your littles a  wonderful first day of kindergarten.  I look forward to seeing your pictures on Facebook!

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