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Five Great Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

By Lindsay Pinchuk

A few tips and must have products to look great in a hurry

By Alanna Gregory, Founder + CEO of Vive
As an entrepreneur in the beauty (and technology!) industry, I’m often short on time, yet pressed to look presentable at any moment. Fortunately, I’ve been able to have the ear of some of the top experts in the field, and over time, have developed my own time-saving beauty hacks, many that would be great for new moms as well. Here’s how I feel beautiful and confident in a snap:

  1. Invest in a great daily moisturizer with SPF (at least 30). Ok, so this isn’t so much a hack, but my mantra. Your nails and hair can regrow, but you only get one set of skin. I use Skin Laundry’s daily moisturizer.
  2.  Brighten your face: For me, this has two parts.

      3. Preserving your blowout: Of course, I my weekly Vive blowout and I try and make it last.
Here’s what I do:

  • After 2 days: Throw in a few beachy waves with a curling iron. For a splurge, Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver is foolproof. For a more conservative choice, Hot Tools does the trick.
  • After 3 days: Use a touch of dry shampoo (moderation of course!) Klorane was my gateway to the category care of my friend and stylist, Cristin Armstrong.  (It’s available at any drugstore yet high quality.) Another I’ve enjoyed is Oribe’s Texturizing Spray, which technically isn’t a dry shampoo, though acts like one and is famous in the styling world. 
  • After I don’t want to say how many days: If it feels beyond saving, I’ll braid it. My personal favorite is a side braid because it’s so easy.
  • When all else fails: BOBBY PINS. 

   4. Sexy eyes: If you want to amp up your look, applying a little eyeliner is a quick fix. A cat eye is an easy, sexy look to master quickly.  OCC Pencils (Sybil) is my personal favorite because they can have a nice smudge (and they’re natural!). For bonus points, add some highlights under your brow and in the corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop. I use the NARS Velvet Shadow Stick.

5. Keep it clean. Post workout, I love a good face wipe.

Alanna Gregory is the founder + CEO of Vive, a mobile booking beauty concierge that allows you to book last minute blowout appointments in New York and Chicago. Bump Club VIPs get $20 off their first plan purchase. Not a VIP? Join here  for amazing discounts on all things mom and baby.

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