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Sarah Boyd is One Style Savvy Mama

By Lindsay Pinchuk

The world of fashion stylists has become a lot more accessible thanks to Sarah Boyd, founder of Simply Stylist and new mom to baby Ava. Sarah spent years on the public relations side of many fashion brands and developed great relations with editors, bloggers, and influencers, but felt like there was a missing link between those who wanted to be in the industry, and those already rockin’ the industry. Her idea resulted into beauty conferences that she takes across the country with amazing speakers and plenty of networking. She has expanded that into consulting services for entertainment influencers as well including Audrina Partridge and Jamie Chung. Sarah chatted with us about getting a Master’s degree in motherhood, her big modern happy family with Catt Sadler and how she’s learned to just say no.
Tell us about the Simply Stylist Conferences…
The conference connects and showcases editors and stylists and the behind the scenes people in fashion and beauty- all the people with these coveted industry jobs- with those hoping to get in the door of the industry. We do panels, breakout sessions and a ton of networking. People started reaching out telling us they wanted more so recently we launched Simply Stylist sessions. We host a three hour session once a month at The Grove (in Los Angeles) on topics like Photoshop, social media, becoming your own boss and blogging.
Two years ago we launched Simply Digital – a network of celebrity bloggers that includes Jamie Chung, Olivia Culpo, and Catt Sadler. We help them monetize,  concept their blog, and put everything together for them.
You certainly have your house full with two step kids and baby Ava, how do you balance it all?
I don’t know! You put your head down and go! We have a great nanny a few days a week and a great team that helps me with everything.  Being a mom taught me to be more organized with my time. I say no to A LOT of meetings, I don’t go to as many events. I have to think more big picture and plan ahead.
Do you have certain “mompreneurs” you look up to?
Fashion mamas (a group for influential moms in the fashion industry) helped!  All the moms are girl bosses and they are killing it in their careers and still with their kids! Catt Sadler (E! News correspondent) who is also the mom of my step-sons is one – we have a true modern family relationship!  I see her with this massive career, traveling, leading a very full life, but she’s also a mom! I knew it could be done.
I had great examples of people who have this extremely full life. They have a career and they have kid(s) and are still doing what they want to do.  It’s limited but life doesn’t end with kids! It just begins.  And you bring them with you – you can’t just lock yourself in the house.
Speaking of your modern family, how has life been balancing Ava and your step kids?
Our house is full with 3 kids and the baby. The 1st  three months it was all about Ava. I definitely had moments where I felt I can’t do it all and I’d have breakdowns. Now the boys (who are 11 and 15) love her – it’s the cutest. It’s also about your attitude too!  You can be positive or you can be like my life is over and life sucks.
What have been the biggest struggles of navigating the mom space?
You have to get a master’s degree in being a mom. What stroller? The feedings?  All the things you have to learn and don’t get a manual for.  What did moms do before the internet?!?  You figure it out.  You can’t have a plan. You can try to plan as much as you can but stuff happens and that was the biggest challenge. I’m still learning! Being a part of mommy groups and a handful of friends with kids the same age was such a help!
What are your favorite L.A. spots for moms?
Au Fudge is great, I feel like every mom event I’ve been to lately is there. I live in the valley near the North Hollywood arts district and there is just so much great stuff to walk around to there – parks, lunch spots, etc.
Where do you shop for baby stuff? 
Honestly, online! Amazon is my best friend. I also just discovered Mac & Mia and everything in my box was so cute and great brands.
What’s your biggest success as a mom? 
So many little milestones feel successful. The first day I was home with her when she was 2-3 weeks I was high fiving myself if I was with her all day and took a shower and did my makeup.  There are a lot of moments like that. My first flight with her – omg – I was so scared.   And we made it! Everything that happens, once you do it, you feel so much more confident.  Everyday is something new. I created this human and everyday it’s a new milestone.

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