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How to Organize Your Diaper Bag

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Five Steps to the Perfect Diaper Bag From an Organizational Expert

Post brought to you by Dr. Smith’s®.
A friend of mine who’s a new mom recently asked me, “How do I keep my diaper bag from becoming a bottomless pit of chaos?” It’s a question I’ve pondered more than a few times since I entered into motherhood. Fortunately, I have some tips for her and any other frazzled mom like myself who has found a three-week old, used diaper beneath several plastic baggies of stale goldfish and pre-opened squeeze packets.

  1. Assess Your Bag

Upon the recommendation of my oldest and dearest friend (and a mom of three), I ditched my cute Kate Spade diaper bag in favor of a good ole Swiss Army backpack.
The backpack’s pockets made it so much easier to separate my most-used items (like diapers and wipes) from the things that I only use in case of emergency (like Sophie the Giraffe… of course some emergencies require a rubber giraffe.) Among the backpack’s other shining qualities, I love that it doesn’t slide off my shoulder every time I bend over to pick up something that has been dropped or thrown. You may choose to err on the side of fashion and that is totally okay! Many diaper bag companies are adding really cute backpacks to their line. Just take a little time to think about how your current bag is working for you and be aware of other options.

  1. Evaluate Contents

How in the world can an 8-pound baby require 47-pounds of supplies? I can’t quite figure out the math, but newborns do seem to need a lot of stuff. And that stuff changes as your little bundle grows, so every couple of months take a few minutes to evaluate the contents of your diaper bag. The extra newborn outfit you were carrying around in case of an accident isn’t going to be helpful when your baby is 6-months old.

  1. Divide Items into Categories

Once you’ve nailed down your baby’s must-haves, separate the items into categories. Here are some examples: feeding; diapering; just in case; toys; and for mama.
Think about which items you use most often and which are less-used. You’ll want your most-used items to be the easiest to access.

  1. Separate Containers for Each Category

Having separate containers for each category is super-helpful. I happen to love labels, too, and I highly recommend labeling them so everyone knows what goes where and keeps with the program.

  1. Unload & Reload Your Bag – EVERYDAY!

I wish I could tell you that the magic diaper bag fairy will descend upon your home and clean out your diaper bag for you. Alas, I’ve not met this mythical creature. I’m sad to say so, but staying organized requires a little work. However, if you make this a habit, life will be much easier (and potentially less stinky) for you. Create a little loading and unloading station near your door and unload and reload the contents of your diaper bag each time you come in your home. Take out used diapers, half-eaten snacks, etc. And, refill with new diapers and wipes, or any supplies that might be running low. My station is in my laundry room, so I keep extra stuff there and it’s a breeze to refill.
Follow these five simple steps and your diaper bag may just be the envy of the playground!
Lori Donley is an organizational development specialist with over ten years of experience and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Lori’s career in organization has lead her to the creation of Sorted by Lori Donley. She believes that organization can be life-changing and is honored to share her skills and passion to help others.
Post brought to you by Dr. Smith’s®.
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