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This is Why We Vote

By Lindsay Pinchuk

 Get Out and Vote…Our Future Depends on It

By Lindsay Pinchuk, CEO + Founder, Bump Club and Beyond
Tomorrow is a big day for our country, for so many reasons.  This election is like none other ever before us, and because of that everyone’s vote matters more than ever.  I keep hearing too many people say: I’m just not voting.
You may LOVE one of the candidates, or HATE one of the candidates.  Maybe neither one really is someone you would want to cast your vote for.  If that is the case, I urge you, find an issue that is incredibly important to you and see where the candidates stand on the issue and vote along those lines.  Do you think that your vote doesn’t matter?  Let me tell you, it does.  Do you want to know why?
Take a look at the little person sitting across from you right now, or asleep in their bed down the hallway.  THIS is why your vote matters.  If anything else, you are not voting for a candidate tomorrow when you go to the polls—but you are voting for your child’s or children’s future.
So if you think that you’re vote isn’t making an impact, please think again.  Make sure to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th.  Our future depends upon it.
We’ve partnered with some of our favorite moms from around the country to share with you exactly why we’re voting this week.  Please take a moment and take a look.

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