Crib Notes: Olivia Howell


Olivia Howell is a social media manager and consultant hailing from Long Island. She also serves as editor-in-chief of Gugu Guru, a personalized universal baby registry website. In her previous life she was a middle school Latin teacher, and since having her first son in 2013, she transitioned from teaching to freelance writing, and eventually founding her own company, Howell Social Media. She recently had her second son, and loves working from home, spending the days with her little boys and working every chance she gets!



  1. Baby K’tan: My first son was not a fan of babywearing, but there is NO way I could work from home and raise a toddler without wearing my second son! I love how easy the K’tan is to wear – I have it in black and it’s my favorite style accessory.
  2. Iced Coffee: No, seriously. I take it black when I’m on the Whole30, and otherwise, with a little cream and sugar. It makes my day (and makes it possible for me to stay awake).
  3. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock: How else is a mom supposed to shop with an infant these days? The carseat is way too heavy for me to hold, so I love that I can throw the hammock in my diaper bag and have a safe place for baby to rest while I shop!
  4. Louise Backpack from Newlie: Since 90% of the time I feel like a sweaty mess, I like to have a diaper bag which feels stylish and “cool”- which is why I love my Louise bag from Newlie. I adore the insulated pocket for bottles, and it can become a backpack or a regular over the shoulder bag. It’s also nice enough to double as a business bag for meetings!
  5. DockATot: I didn’t understand the allure of the elusive DockATot until I got one – I love that my baby son can rest in it while my older son dances and plays around him – and we throw this in the car all the time to take with us wherever we go. it’s also so easy to wash and keep clean!
  6. ThredUp: I am a HUGE fan of this reuse-recycle clothing website – I order giant bags to be delivered from my phone and fill them with baby clothes (and maternity) we are done with – I get money back and spend it on new baby clothes…or, let’s be honest: shoes for me. It’s a great way to clean house and make a little money back. Also, it’s fun to browse the app in the middle of the night since I’m not really “spending money.”
  7. Bitta Kidda Sleep Sack: My infant son is one of those babies who always needs to be grabbing on to something, so I love that the Bitta Kidda sleep sack has a lovie attached to it! He loves to hold on to it while he sleeps.
  8. Dear Kate Undies: Okay, let’s be honest…the body changes after you have a baby and sometimes, you just can’t make it to pee on time! I am a huge fan of the Dear Kate undies, which are super soft, comfy, and protect you from any…accidents.
  9. Okee Dokee Brothers CDs: As a busy mama of 2, I spend a lot of time in the car, and my toddler and I are obsessed (to put it mildly) with Joe and Justin – The Okee Dokee Brothers! We have all three CDs and know every song by heart. (Full disclosure: I listened to them long before I was ever pregnant with my first son!)
  10. Babo Botanicals Sunscreen: I have two summer babies, and I was always looking for a healthy and safe sunscreen – when I found Babo Botanicals, I fell in love! It’s so healthy and safe, even for my newborn – it makes summertime feasible again!

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