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Baby Tech Must Haves For Mom and Dad

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Advances in technology provide various products for parents, designed to help make parenting easier. But, sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between what’s really going to be helpful and what’s just a trendy gadget. Here are five of the very best baby tech products for moms and dads, all aimed at making your life a little bit easier.
Owlet Baby Monitor ($250)
The Owlet Baby Monitor uses pulse oximetry to track your infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. It comes in the form of a comfy Smart Sock and is designed to sound a notification if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall out of the preset zone. The Smart Sock sends your baby’s live heart rate and oxygen levels via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, so you can check on baby’s wellness from down the hall, across town or around the world.
Hatch Baby Smart Changing Table ($249)
The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Table is revolutionary because it electronically tracks your child’s progress, and syncs the information with your smart phone. You can track your baby’s weight and compare it with the World Health Organization’s data. You can also log feedings, diaper changes, length and sleep patterns, as well as share the information between smartphones via the Hatch app.  
4moms Infant Tub ($60)
This tub keeps water clean by allowing clean water to flow in while dirty water flows out. It also features a built-in color-coded temperature gauge, to help you determine a safe and comfortable water temperature for your baby.
Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer ($50)
What makes this thermometer so great is that it takes an accurate temperature reading in just one second (yes, ONE SECOND!), and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s gentle enough to use on a sleeping (or a squirming) baby, at the push of a button.
Temp Traq 24 Hour Continuous Temperature Monitoring Patch ($35 for a pack of two)
These single-use patches provide continuous, wireless temperature monitoring (via Bluetooth) for 24 hours. You can set an alarm to be notified if your child’s temperature exceeds a certain limit, and the patch is comfortable enough to not be a nuisance to your child.
These incredible tech products are empowering parents with more information about their baby and reinventing the way we take care of our little ones. It’s easy to say that these products are “must-haves” for anyone with a baby on the way.  

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