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What’s In Your Diaper Bag?

By Lindsay Pinchuk

What’s In Your Diaper Bag spills the contents of a busy mama’s diaper bag.
Brought to you by Dr. Smith’s
Samantha Saifer Berngard is always on the go. She is a partner at the Chicago boutique marketing firm Boldface Co. and proud mama to son Brooklyn (2) and new baby girl Billie (1 month). In order to make it through the day she packs her diaper bag with essentials for the whole family from snacks to sunglasses, burp clothes to toys here’s what you’ll find stuffed in Sam’s bag.

Diaper Bag

Photo credit Suzy Brown for Monica + Andy

Diaper Bag:  I carry the Louis Vuitton “Never Full” bag because literally . . . it is never full. It is a bottomless pit that I can fit just about everything in including notes and computer for work meetings. I got it as a very generous push present from my husband for Brooklyn and never had to buy anything else. He also monogrammed a “B” on it – so special! I don’t go anywhere without it.

1. On the go pump! (Medela Pump in Style). Because I have my own business and no central office – I am on the go all over the city constantly with not much of a maternity leave. I Have been known to pump in my car, in a Starbucks bathroom (sometimes I will opt for a hotel because the bathrooms are more relaxing ;)) or my favorite – in the Soho House locker room. I take it everywhere I go just in case especially now that I have a little one again.
2. SKIP HOP Changing Pad:  Since my son was born two years ago – I have bought about 7 of these (mainly because I lose it / leave it everywhere I go) but I also like to keep them all over our house. I swear by it for cleaning diapers and tushies on the go. Especially for travel – you can change them anywhere! Even on the airplane . . .
3. Kashi Bars: I am addicted to dark chocolate so this is the perfect satisfying snack for me. It kept me energized throughout my pregnancy and now that I am breastfeeding too. The best part is that my son loves them too, so it duals as snacks for both of us. I would say I eat about three a day in between meals. They are addictive!
4. Monica + Andy Burp Cloths: My daughter spits up on everything so it is super important to have a change of cloths at all times as well as plenty of burp cloths to keep her little face and chest clean. I love the organic ones from Monica + Andy. Everything is super soft and has the perfect amount of stretch. We have one in every pattern!
5. Kiehls face oilThis literally makes me feel like my skin is glowing even when I have had 2-3 hours of sleep. It’s a miracle in a bottle, and I put it on my face and hands as a little pick me up throughout the day!
6. Toys! (books/coloring books): Finding myself at a restaurant with my kids and no distractions is literally the worst. The Etch a Sketch is the perfect distraction for my two year old when we are out to eat and he gets bored.
7. Sunglasses: An absolute must! Did I mention I am perpetually tired? Currently loving this huge pair of Celines that cover it all.
8. Parenting books: Especially right now while I am reteaching myself about infant sleep habits – I try to carry books with me so I can use every free moment I can find to read up. Currently re-reading “Twelve Hours of Sleep by Twelve Week’s Old” by Suzy Giordano. I found it to be the single most helpful thing I read when trying to sleep train Brooklyn.
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