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Holiday Traditions From the Bump Club and Beyond Family

By Lindsay Pinchuk

The holidays are a time to relax, reflect and spend quality time with family and friends. Over the years these special moments turn into traditions from passed down family recipes to matching pajamas to giving back to those in need. The Bump Club and Beyond family got together to reflect on our favorite holiday traditions and we’d love to know yours! Share in the comments below.
We adopt a family every year for the holidays from a charity that helps families that have a very ill child. I try to find one that has kids around the same ages as mine so the girls can be really involved in picking out gifts for them. They love going to target to pick out stuff for the family, wrapping them and sometimes even hand delivering them. – Katie Blozis, Director of Brand Development & Special Events
Advent Calendars!  I never did these growing up but started when my oldest was (2) and both my kids get so excited to count down to Christmas each morning.  It’s a great way to practice reading numbers and nothing gets kids out of bed in the morning like a little piece of chocolate.  Plus, fun fact, you can buy an entire calendar at Trader Joes for 99 cents – Lindsay Frost, Director of Sponsorships
My family loves a good old $15 gift exchange where we pull numbers and take turns choosing gifts.  It’s so funny to see what some people come up with on a limited budget.  And without fail we always end up swapping.   Oh and of course, chinese food and a movie – always a must! – Abbe Herman, Marketing Manager
A tradition we have started is FaceTiming with their grandparents each night of Hanukkah so we can light the menorah “together” (when we are not with them to celebrate in person). I actually did this growing up as well (old school – on the landline : ) – Nicole Levine, Denver Market Mom
A fun thing that still happens is on Christmas eve all of the kids sleep together in the attic. It’s mostly because of space issues (I have a big family) but it’s a fun thing that we still have to do as adults.  Becky Perez, Chicago Market Mom
We’ve been wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning for years (way before Christmas pjs were cool). Every year on Christmas Eve we get to open one present it typically consisted of a new pair of pajamas, which we would then wear downstairs on Christmas morning. – Nicole Mittman, BCB VIP Manager
On Christmas Eve we always have homemade spaghetti with red clam sauce. It’s a tradition that everyone who’s at Christmas Eve dinner (friends & some family) have to take a turn cranking out the dough on the machine. We hang all of the individual noodles on a wooden drying rack meant for clothes before we cook them. We end up eating at 11pm every time which is partly because of the pasta but mostly because we’re Italian. – Lisa Albano, Marketing and Operations Assistant
When I was a kid I used to help my Bubbie peel potatoes to make latkes from scratch. Although we don’t make our kiddos do that we do make our own latkes  using already shredded potatoes. We serve them alongside sour cream and apple sauce and play dreidel with the boys after we light the menorah every year on one night of Hanukkah. – Samantha Lande, Editorial Director
Every year we pick a family to adopt where we provide their holiday gifts each year. My girls are fortunate enough to get so much, we spend the holidays making sure we give back to others as part of our celebration. – Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder + CEO

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