What Moms Really Want For the Holidays


As moms, we prepare for the holidays for months!  We play Betty Crocker in the kitchen and Santa Claus with everyone’s wish lists.  It’s often easy to forget about ourselves for the holiday.  So we asked you, if there was ONE thing you could receive for the holidays, what would it be? Here are some of the best holiday gifts for moms (from the mouths of real moms!)

“I’d love a real vacation baby free.”

“Sleep! Or a Target shopping spree :)”

“Probably an LV tote… haha… I would never buy for myself but I’d love it.”

“A new house! It won’t happen but that would be my wish. I’ll take a new hair dryer instead!”

“Blow dry bar year membership!”

“I want a healthy ultrasound of baby #2 (Six weeks along!). If it has to be an actual physical present, I’d pick a new kitchen table.”

“I would love a Netflix subscription!!”

“I would love a Lily Jade Elizabeth diaper bag in Camel!”

“I would want a Graco convertible car seat for my baby girl.”

“A housekeeper!”

“This holiday season I really want the Grand DockaTot. I know it seems like a gift for baby, but I get the gift of sleep!”

“A killer pair of Jimmy Choo’s!”

“A spa day at a resort!”