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What's In Your Travel Bag?

By Lindsay Pinchuk
Sponsored by Dr. Smith’s

When traveling with my kids I try to pack my travel bag as light as possible.  As they have gotten bigger I now make them pack their own travel bags!  Rule of thumb is that they get to bring one back pack (Terez for the big and Skip Hop Unicorn Zoo Pal for the little) and whatever fits inside is what comes.  They pack their toys, books, and anything else they need for the journey.

That leaves fitting everything into my travel bag A LOT easier.  When we travel as a family, here is what comes with me:
1. THE BAG: I bring a backpack.  (Even when I travel without kids these days, I use a backpack.)  My favorites are Twelve Little’s Unisex Courage Backpack and The Honest Company’s Vegan Leather backpack. I also bring a small cross body purse for my important stuff so that I have it easily accessible (ie passports, wallet, ID, phone, etc.)
2. Swell Water Bottle, $45:  I always bring an empty water bottle (and have my kids bring them too), to fill up once inside security.  Airport water is about $5 per bottle now.  Not only does this water bottle save money over time, but it also helps save the planet.
3.  Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag, $17.99: I never leave home (with kids) without one of these.  Especially when I travel I put a change a clothing in this for my kids and a extra t-shirt for myself. My kids are out of diapers now, but before they were I would also put in some diapers, wipes and diaper rash ointment for easy access while on-the-go and changing diapers in airports. TIP: when on long flights, make sure to lather on the diaper rash cream in case you can’t get to the bathroom to change your baby.  I’ve used Dr. Smith’s since my three year old was born and it always has helped prevent and cure diaper rash.
4. Snacks: For both me and my kids.  You never know when you will be delayed, and not all airports are created equal.  If you’re stuck say at New York’s La Guardia you are stuck only with Auntie Anne’s pretzels in the AA terminal.  Having healthy snacks such as RX barsPeeled SnacksThat’s It and Skinny Pop save you money and guarantee you a healthy snack when you’re hungry.  When my kids were babies I stocked up on things like Happy Family puffs and pouches.
5. Le Sportsac Pouch, starting at $13:  In here I keep my personal things like Babyganics lip balm (the best!), an extra pair of contacts, Benefit Mascara, Honest Beauty lip gloss, my glasses and my prescription medicine.  This pouch keeps it all in one place and easy to access when I am traveling.
6.  People Magazine: OK, this may be a stretch, but if I am LUCKY and my kids are into the movie I downloaded them, I MAY, just MAY get five minutes to catch up on the latest celeb gossip while on the plane or in the car.  (OK, fine, who am I kidding. It was wishful thinking, right?)
Happy Holidays and Happy Travels!


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