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How Moms and Moms-to-be Are Ringing In the New Year

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Remember when New Year’s Eve meant a bar package, a bad buffet and for those of us in cold climates, shivering outside in heels while trying to hail a taxi to get home after midnight? How times have changed! But we would guess if you are like many of our moms and moms-to-be, you wouldn’t go back for a second!
We asked our moms and moms-to-be how they would be ringing in 2017 this year!  Sleep and family were the two most common answers!  Tell us in the comments below, how will you be ringing in 2017?
Here were some answers from our parent community:
“We are going to the Itty Bitty New Year at the Exploratorium! I haven’t actually been awake for midnight in several years.”
“Sleeping! Haha! Unless we find a babysitter.”
“With my family at home. My poor husband has to be at work the next day. So were relaxing at home (more than likely, we’ll already be asleep before the ball drops) #parentlife”
“Going out to dinner with family and then counting down at home with champagne and food by the fire.”
“I’ll probably be asleep by 9 a.m. so I’ll ring in 2017 the next morning over breakfast with the family!”
“Planning on having a party with our friends and their children. We will have a countdown for the kids before their bed time.”
“Most likely at home. We’ll do an early one with the kids, and then I’m sure I won’t make it until midnight!”
“I’ll be celebrating my 31st birthday! We plan to get a reservation on the Great Seattle Wheel and watch the fireworks with our girl for the first time!
“Probably while in bed and asleep!”
“Going out to dinner with family and then counting down at home with champagne and food by the fire.”

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