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5 Easy Tips For An Organized Playroom

By Lindsay Pinchuk

The NEAT Method Shares 5 Ways to Finally Achieve an Organized Playroom

If you are looking at your kids’ play space and thinking it looks more like a bomb went off than an actual designated play area, it’s time to face the music – Something has to change! Today our friends at the Neat Method are giving you 5 easy (did you read that?? EASY!) ways to get an organized playroom and give your family’s play space the “pick-me-up” it deserves.
Do the Dirty Work
What we mean by this is get some time ALONE in the space and get rid of the toys that are missing parts, (“well loved” as we like to say) or are just plain annoying. When the space is a disaster, children don’t even know what they do and do not have. Now’s the time to say goodbye! If you have toys that are not age appropriate and plan to have more children, set those toys aside and pack them away in an opaque bin so that your kids don’t go snooping through it to find old favorites.
 Bin it to Win it
The most important aspect to a play space is proper bins. If your child cannot see into the bin, the toy is less likely to be used AND put away properly. We LOVE these locker bins from Land of Nod because they are mesh on the sides making it really easy to see what is inside.
 Label for Less Labor
Tired of picking up the play area on your own? Label it so that your children know where things belong.  Even if your child is not at reading age, you can label it with a picture! Did we mention that this promotes early literacy at home?! Double win! This way, there is no excuse as to why the playroom isn’t cleaned up.
Don’t Quit on Tiny Toys… Yet!  
We know, nothing hurts quite like stepping on a lego. It hurts so bad you might just pitch all of them to never feel that pain again. We don’t blame you but we want to suggest one last option before you trash them all. This storage bag shows children the limits of the place space for tiny toys and takes about 10 seconds to clean up. LIFE. CHANGING.
Create Routines
There is a difference between letting your children have creative freedom and letting them have free reign. You need to be sure that your children understand how to use the space they are given. If they don’t clean up, the good news is their newly binned toys are easy to take away and put on a high shelf until they are ready to clean up a space. If you give your children too many things, you are asking for a mess. Maybe your routine is two bins out at a time before more come out. OR, a ten minute warning before clean up to set the tone that playtime is ending. No matter what you choose, create a routine of it so that your child knows what is expected.
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