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Introducing Our Next Pregnant Blogger…Elizabeth Ries

By Lindsay Pinchuk

If you have followed along with Nicole’s journey, you’ll know she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sadie Rose, a few days after submitting this post. Lucky for us, friend of Bump Club and Beyond and on-air personality Elizabeth Ries from Twin Cities Live had an announcement to make. See her announcement below and read all about her pregnancy each month on the blog.
I’m Elizabeth Ries, wife of Jay, mom to 2 year old Bernadette and co-host of Twin Cities Live on KSTP. And Baby #2 is on the way!
At just 16 weeks into my current pregnancy, it’s already so much different than carrying my first child. Even though it sounds awful to say out loud, there’s quite a bit of time lately when I forget that I’m pregnant. I’m hoping lots of non-first time moms can relate to that statement. Between working full time, taking care of normal household duties and raising our 2-year-old, there just isn’t as much time to think about being pregnant this time. And it’s actually kind of refreshing because for me, less thinking means less worrying!
The time between knowing you’re pregnant and sharing the news with family and friends is an uneasy period for lots of women. Add in the fact that I host a daily television show and that time is even more complicated for me. We have wonderfully connected, loyal and observant viewers watching our afternoon talk show every day and it didn’t take long for them to start speculating about my pregnancy status. It’s a tough time for me because while I so appreciate the interest and the well-wishes, like any newly pregnant woman, it’s important for me to share the news when I’m ready. I also suffered a miscarriage during my very first pregnancy and while I was able to quickly become pregnant again with my beautiful and healthy daughter, there are some extra nerves that come along with the first trimester for me because of that experience.
But finally, after some time off over the holidays, I felt comfortable enough to share our very special news on the air. Here’s the announcement!

Thanks to Bump Club and Beyond for offering me the space to share with you again this time around. It’s an honor! Now, I’m off to order more maternity clothes online.

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