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What’s in Your Diaper Bag?

By Lindsay Pinchuk

What’s In Your Diaper Bag spills the contents of a busy mama’s diaper bag.
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Rebecca Dixon is one busy mama. She is the General Manager of Mommybites, a division of Davler Media, which runs online parenting classes and podcasts for expectant and new parents. With a 3-month-old, five- year-old and seven-year-old at home, she always has a diaper bag full of stuff to appease her young kids. Here’s what you’ll find.
Diaper Bag: I use the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote with the Metro Pouch insert.  This bag is so huge that it can fit all the baby stuff plus some activities for my five and seven year old if we are going out to dinner. And then I put my wallet and lipstick and phone in the Metro Pouch.

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  1. Kickee Pants swaddle blankets : This is my favorite new brand – I have tried a zillion swaddle blankets throughout the infancies of my three kids and nothing even compares to these soft and really big blankies.
  2.  Boll & Branch cable-knit blanket : My two daughters who are five and seven were born in the spring so I never needed heavy blankets when they were newborns. The Boll & Branch cable-knit blanket is amazing and perfect for my Thanksgiving baby.  We usually swaddle him and then put this blanket on top.
  3. Extra Outfit from Kissy Kissy incase of a diaper accident: Kissy Kissy makes a lot of wonderfully soft infant clothes.   In addition to a super cute holiday collection, they also have really handy daygowns which make diaper changing SO easy.
  4. Avent Soothie : We learned about Soothies in the hospital and love how quickly all three of our kids learned to love them.  I usually have 2 or 3 on hand because they are so incredibly soothing!
  5. Baby K’tan Carrier:I was not much of a baby-carrier with my first two kids, but now that I have to run around town carting my daughters to school and classes, it helps to be handfree.  The Baby Ktan is so cozy and folds up super easily to throw in the diaper bag.
  6. Ergo PouchThis is another brand I was not familiar with until my third baby and it is so convenient.  It zips up the front and the baby’s arms can either be inside the swaddle or out.  I use it as an extra layer when we are strolling around NYC.
  7. Happy Family Pouches: My three-month-old is not eating food yet, but I have Happy Family pouches in my diaper bag at all times because they are such great on-the-go snacks for both of my older daughters and actually even me!  They have a lot of fiber and are delicious so we all eat them when we are out and about.  And the baby will be eating them when he gets old enough too.
  8. Mac Lipstick: As a working mom of three kids, I am always running around on very little sleep and often barely any makeup.  But I feel like I can rock any meeting or coffee date as long as I have on some lipstick!


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