Diary of a Mom: Entry 2

ordinary mom

We recently kicked off a new series you will see regularly on our blog, on Facebook and on Instagram featuring the moms of Bump Club and Beyond from across the country and their stories of motherhood. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, we look forward to sharing your vision of motherhood with the world. 

“My husband works away 21 days at a time, on a towboat. This has been a big challenge for me as a first time mom, who works full time. Our house faces the Ohio river, so when we know daddy is near, I pick up my son, Ellis, and we run to the edge of the water, wave as high and big as we can, and wait for them to blow their horn.  Somehow, it just makes me feel better seeing him float by. I like for Ellis to see and understand that daddy is working hard and sacrificing a lot for our family. Right now, he is too young to understand, but someday he will.

When my husband is home, it makes our family time together even more special. We love to take day trips to Carter Caves, or going out to eat, or to the park down the street. We try not to get stuck in a routine of staying inside and letting the time pass.

I love being a mom, I love teaching him new things and seeing his little mind soak up my every movement. I love rough housing and filling in as dad while my husband is away. I love reading him books, singing and dancing in our living room, taking him to church, capturing as many memories and milestones as I can with my camera, and scrap booking everything I can. I guess I am just an ordinary mom, living an ordinary life, but it sure sweet!”

—Sarah Plummer, BCB Mom

Photo credit: Christy Morgan Photography

If you have a photo and story that you want to share, showing what motherhood means to you, please send it to info@bumpclubandbeyond.com for consideration.  If your photo is used you will be gifted one year of enrollment to BCB VIP, Bump Club and Beyond’s Parent Perk Program (value $100).