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Diary of a Mom: Entry 4

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We recently kicked off a new series you will see regularly on our blog, on Facebook and on Instagram featuring the moms of Bump Club and Beyond from across the country and their stories of motherhood. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, we look forward to sharing your vision of motherhood with the world. 

“This picture my husband took recently. We decided to go out to lunch at Piece Pizza and we were just waiting together, him drinking his water and me grabbing a quick kiss. Of course there was also coloring, stickers, and playing with cars that took place while waiting for our pizza, but in this moment, it was just enjoying a quick snuggle and a kiss. As a Mom I love these moments, just being able to enjoy a quick moment of stillness. It rarely happens with a 2 year old, but that’s what makes these moment so special.”
—Leslie Wester, BCB Mom with son Jonas
Photo credit: James Wester

If you have a photo and story that you want to share, showing what motherhood means to you, please send it to info@bumpclubandbeyond.com for consideration.  If your photo is used you will be gifted one year of enrollment to BCB VIP, Bump Club and Beyond’s Parent Perk Program (value $100).

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