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BCB Mom IRL: Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier

By Lindsay Pinchuk

There is no doubt that pregnancy can wreak havoc on your skin, amongst other things. Friends and colleagues Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier saw an opportunity to create a high quality skincare line targeted just for new moms and pregnant woman. From that idea, basq NYC was born.  Now with five kids between the two of them, they are balancing the demands of a celebrity-loved business with the challenges of motherhood. Kelli and Lauren give us their skincare tips, motherhood advice and work-life balance tips.

Tell us your backstory…

LAUREN: We met early in our careers in NYC. Kelli and I became fast friends and working together came naturally. Late night conversations at the office made us realize we both wanted to create careers focused on women. We are beauty obsessed, Columbia MBAs, NYC aficionados and have an entrepreneurial spirit. It seemed inevitable we would start a business together.

KELLI: When we shared the biggest life chapter — pregnancy and new motherhood, our business was born. We saw an opportunity to introduce exquisite quality skin care for the unique needs of expecting and new moms. As the business expands our partnership remains incredibly strong. There are daily laughs, lots of “divide & conquer” and remarkably few disagreements.

LAUREN: We are definitely thankful to own a business we love.

What made you decide to create a skincare line targeted at pregnant and new moms?

LAUREN: During own own pregnancies, both Kelli and I found the need for basq NYC when we couldn’t locate any safe skin care worth using. We decided to work with the best minds in beauty, skin science and aromatherapy to create products women could literally fall in love with… and basq NYC was created!

If you had a skincare tip for pregnant moms what would it be?

KELLI: Be consistent! It makes a big difference. Take the time to care for your skin just like you are watching your diet, exercise, sleep and overall wellness.

What is one of your superhero mom moments?

LAUREN: Our elementary school has a fund raising fair each year. The proceeds fund the majority of the PTA budget critical for the school play and extra programming. I was the chair of the school fair for 4 years. It’s a job no one wants! Tons of organizing, check-ins, planning and headaches and the most worthwhile experience I could imagine. The kids have a blast, important programs get funded and my own kids always gave me a big hug after totally happy their mom was in charge of the fair.

What was your biggest mom fail?

KELLI: We were in London many years ago in a very busy hotel with several major events going on. Somehow my daughter who was 4 slipped away and I caught a glimpse of her alone in the elevator as the doors closed. The hotel has about 50 floors and many elevators so you can imagine my horror…

Any tips on balancing working and motherhood?

KELLI: I organize my schedule in detailed, two week intervals so my schedule is well thought out. It limits stress and lets me really be in the moment for work or spending time with my kids.

LAUREN: I find that it’s all a blend – I think of the day in terms of 24 hours – some times I’m up really late or really early to fit it all in. The best part of owning my own business is flexibility. I can attend something important during the day and work late into the night to get everything done. It also helps that my husband is very supportive and pitches in whenever I need help.

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