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Diary Entry of a Mom: Entry 7

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We recently kicked off a new series you will see regularly on our blog, on Facebook and on Instagram featuring the moms of Bump Club and Beyond from across the country and their stories of motherhood. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, we look forward to sharing your vision of motherhood with the world. 

“I’ll eat you up I love you so”. (Where the Wild Things Are)
“My youngest daughter was born on February 1, and this photo was an accurate predication of big sister’s feelings for her. Total smothering and lots of love! I wasn’t prepared for the range of emotions that comes with having two littles. Especially the mourning period I felt when it wasn’t just me and my daughter. It’s hard to feel like you’re losing that special bond and relationship with your first born who was your best little buddy. Each day I’m realizing that while our time together looks a little different, it’s still 100% our own unbreakable connection. And seeing their sister love is worth any Mom guilt I have about dividing attention.
My prenatal yoga teacher told me: ‘Having two children is like holding two candles. When you light one candle using the other, both flames shine just as brightly. The first one is not diminished; the second one not any less brilliant.’ She was so right.”
—Robin, BCB Mom
Photo Credit: Karyn Monroe of Barefoot Dreams Photography

If you have a photo and story that you want to share, showing what motherhood means to you, please send it to info@bumpclubandbeyond.com for consideration.  If your photo is used you will be gifted one year of enrollment to BCB VIP, Bump Club and Beyond’s Parent Perk Program (value $100).  If your photo is taken by a professional, please include a photo credit. 

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