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Crib Notes From a New Mom: Erica Eckman

By Lindsay Pinchuk
You may know Erica Eckman from her popular blog and social media channels Everything Erica. This mom to baby girl Elia has a huge passion for all things food and parenting, and she wants to be that best friend you know you can always count on. Erica has recently been featured in Fabio Viviani’s Magazine, on Windy City Live and on ABC 7 Morning News. We asked her to share some of her favorite products that make motherhood just a little bit easier.  Her are ten of her must-haves:
  1. Ergo Baby Carrier: My daughter isn’t much of a cuddler and never really took to any of the wraps. She loves my Ergo baby carrier because she is free to move her arms/legs and see the world going on around her. Plus, it makes grocery shopping MUCH easier for me.
  2. Triple Paste: When bad diaper rash strikes, there is nothing better than triple paste. This stuff is sent from heaven and will clear up any diaper rash in a day or two.
  3. Quick Zip Sheets: I wish I could say I didn’t have to change Elia’s sheets in the middle of the night (or multiple times a week). The fact is, I do and these sheets make it SO simple. You literally zip them on just like you would zip up a coat. They also can’t pop-off the corners making them super safe.
  4. Bloom Fresco Chrome: I’m obsessed with baby gear that also looks chic. This high chair officially fits the bill. Everyone who comes into my house compliments me on how beautiful it is.
  5. Babies Only Formula: When I switched Elia over to formula, she was spitting up A LOT. I went through every single formula until my doctor recommended Babies Only. It’s made with non GMO, real ingredients and free of high-fructose corn syrup!
  6. MatiMati Bibs: Since Elia is known as the “spit-up queen” around these parts, she lives in a bib. Luckily, these ones are super cute and act as a fashion accessory.
  7. Kissy Kissy Pajamas: Getting Elia into her pajamas can be a nightmare. This gown from Kissy Kissy is super simple to get on and are so soft. Anything that makes post-bath time easier, gets an A+ from me.
  8. Sound Sleeper App: When we were trying to get Elia to sleep through the night, our nanny suggested using a noise machine. I found this app and it was seriously a life saver. The gentle sounds help Elia fall back to sleep on her own in the middle of the night and made sleep training a breeze!
  9. Walker: Giving my daughter the freedom to explore the house by foot was the best decision we’ve ever made. Now I can be in the kitchen cooking or putting away laundry and she can follow me (on her own) everywhere!
  10. Punkin Butt Teething Oil: We are currently going through the dreaded teething process. Since I try to shy away from pharmaceuticals when possible, I wanted to find a more natural remedy. This teething oil is an unique blend of sunflower oil, chamomile, clove and peppermint. It works wonders and calms her down right away.

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