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Candice Romo Shares What’s in Her Diaper Bag

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Busy mama of two boys, Hawkins and River, wife of NFL star Tony Romo, and co-founder of Hawk + Sloane, Candice Romo doesn’t miss a beat. That’s why when she’s on-the-go she needs to make sure she always has her essentials. She shares with us what she needs to when on the go.
The bag:
My black Gucci Disco leather shoulder bag is a must because it is easy to grab on the way out the door, it comfortably holds all of my stuff, my hands stay free since I can wear it as a cross body style and it goes with both my workout gear on-the-go or headed to a casual event!

  1. Hawk and Sloane Lice Spray

This is my most frequently used Hawk and Sloane spray…. with all of the boys’ sports and school activities, I find that they are constantly around other kids. For the sake of my boys and their friends, I spray their car seats, hair, helmets and areas at the playground to prevent those little pests from bothering us!
2. Oribe dry texturizing spray
When I say obsessed, don’t take it lightly! This is my favorite product and I cannot live without it! I use it as a dry shampoo/hairspray to refresh my style in between daily activities!  The travel size is PERFECT for this!
3. Tom Ford Spanish Pink Lipstick
My go to color for any time of the day and it has essential oils in it to help with dry or chapped lips.
4.  Vianel New York card wallet
I have this in black and it is so easy to move it from purse to purse… it holds several cards and cash too!
5. Strawberry Yogurt Zone Bars
I keep one of these bars in my purse at all times! As a busy “mompreneur”, I am usually hopping from one activity or meeting to the next… these high-protein nutrition bars are my life saver to keep me fueled in between meals!
6.  Hawk and Sloane Sassy Spray
I would like to say I don’t need this go to spray in my purse, but like every momma in town, I will try any trick of the trade to reduce the sassy side of motherhood! It’s a modern day soap-in-the-mouth made with Apple Cider Vinegar and VitaVeggies… and often just taking it out of my purse puts the break on my boys sassy behavior before I even have to use it.
7. EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF
Growing up with a dermatologist dad, I was taught early on the importance of using sunscreen and reapplying it. This is my favorite sunscreen because it is very lightweight, can be worn with or without makeup and has healthy skin promoting ingredients.
8. Gum -Ice Breakers Ice Cubes
We all love gum, however, this is not only my favorite, but my boys’ favorite too! Every time we get in the car, they ask not only for Ice Breakers, but not just one piece… “two pieces please!”

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