A note of rememberance


As many of you know, our community of Chicago families lost a shining star last month as Lauren Smoke (Miss Lauren to so many kids) lost her battle with Stage IV breast cancer. Her voice and warm heart touched so many of us and our children who had the privilege to take her classes and hear her sing at Whole Foods and our own BCB events. I wanted to share some of my own personal thoughts here as Lauren was also a close friend and someone who had a great impact on my family. —Lindsay Pinchuk, BCB Founder + CEO

Dear Lauren,

As I am sure they have Facebook in heaven, you now know that I messaged you the night you left us—I didn’t know that you were gone. There are so many things I never got a chance to say.

I don’t even think you ever realized the impact that you had on so many moms, babies and their families in our community.  My story is just one of dozens.  Have you seen the thousands of posts being shared about you? One thing is for certain. One day, Nico is going to get to read all of these amazing messages about his mom and he will get to see how lucky he is that no matter where you are, you are forever his.

For years before becoming a mom to Nico, you loved our kids as you would love your own. Even after Nico made his way into the world, you continued to love our children with every class you taught, every concert you sang, and with every hug you doled out when bumping into families around town.

And boy do our kids love you back.

I don’t know how I will explain your absence to J and L at the next BCB party.  I already tried once and well—I did a terrible job. But I am sad and like so many, I am heartbroken that you were simply taken too soon.  I know you were in a lot of discomfort the last time we were together.  The one thing bringing me any solace right now is that I know you are not in that kind of pain anymore.    Life is just so unfair sometimes.

You Lauren, have left a forever imprint on the hearts and lives of so many—including my own. I will never forget you—as my kids’ first teacher, as a part of our community, and as my dear friend.  I feel lucky to have been able to call you that.

And while I am sure you will worry—as any mother or wife would—I vow to you that we will take care of Ian and Nico.  We will take care of them the same way that you took care of us and our families for so many years. We will make sure that they are surrounded by love and stories about the awesome, amazing, and incredible Miss Lauren—their wife and mom.

As you are laid to rest and we celebrate your life this weekend, I want you to know that you lived a life that will be remembered through eternity.

Rest in Peace Miss Lauren.

Rest in Peace my Dear Friend.

Love always,

Lindsay and the thousands of moms whose lives will never be the same because of you


The details of Lauren Smoke’s Celebration of Life can be found here.

If you would like to contribute to Lauren’s family at this time:

Meal Train for Ian and Nico Smoke

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