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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself on Mother's Day…

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Nicole Mittman, BCB VIP Manager
Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others…
We have all heard this line time and time again, yet how many of us apply this simple instruction to our every day lives?  We’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day all month long in Birmingham, MI by partnering with the local Lululemon and three VIP partners (The Barre Code, Core Revolution and The Dailey Method) to bring a series of free workouts to Metro Detroit area moms and moms-to-be.  All three studios are owned by women who are trying to balance owning a business with motherhood.
Some may think their businesses are in competition since they are within a block of each other, but one thing I learned when caught in an email exchange between them is that above everything else they are moms—moms who are looking to support each other and the other moms in the community. I was truly inspired and moved by the exchange, especially when “veteran” mom Carly Goidosik of The Dailey Method started stressing the importance of self-care to new moms Sarah Guseilo of Core Revolution and Lindsay Irrer of The Barre Code. So I had to ask, how do you take care of YOURSELF so you can be the best mother to your kids? 
Lindsay Irrer of The Barre Code and mom to 1 month old Tate

In my first month of motherhood, my mantra has been to “give myself grace” in all circumstances. As a Type-A personality, it can be hard to let go of that mindset of seeking perfectionism and accepting nothing but “the best” from myself. Now that all of the messy, busy, wonderful changes have come into my life – I have made it a priority to remind myself that a rested and happy mom is what is truly better for my entire family, rather than a “perfect” mom. 
Sarah Guseilo of Core Revolution and mom to 6 month old A

To be honest, I’m not the best at taking care of myself right now. I have always been someone who puts other people first. Now with a baby and a new business, I find it a real challenge to take time to focus on me. A few things that may seem small, add to my happiness and balance are: Taking one of my fabulous instructors’ classes, enjoying a long & hot shower, quietly laying on the floor with my two pups, cooking a healthy meal, taking a walk to admire all the spring blooms on a sunny day, talking to a friend on the phone and using my creativity on a project I’m making with videos & pictures of A. 
Carly Goidosik, of The Daily Method and mom to 3 year old Joey and 1 year old Sawyer

For those who know me well, know I am a BIG fan of self-care. I meditate daily for 10 minutes before the kids wake, bathe at night with candles and a good book, try to treat myself to the occasional spa service, and practice as a Dailey Method student most days. It’s been a painful journey to get to the place I am today. I spent the first 2+ years of motherhood preaching the concept of self-care, but felt a ton of guilt actually practicing it myself. My guilt and lack of self-care led to a panic attack last fall. That was when I knew it was time to listen to my gut and start filling my own cup first. As a result of the self-care rituals I am now religious about practicing, I am a much more patient and present mom. It’s also made me a more grounded leader and loving wife. 
The Barre Code and The Dailey Method both offer BCB VIPs perks everywhere across the country.  Core Revolution is a BCB VIP parent perk partner in metro-Detroit.  
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