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34 Weeks and Counting…

By Lindsay Pinchuk

At almost 34 weeks along in this pregnancy, we’re getting towards the final countdown. Although I just joked with another mom that I’m not sure if having given birth before makes things easier because you know what to expect, or harder because you know what you’re in for! In either case, this baby is coming and we could not be more excited to meet him or her.
Last week, I put myself through a minor crisis when my mind started racing through all of the things I needed to do to prepare for our new arrival. All things, by the way, that were ready and waiting for our first child by this time in my pregnancy, but haven’t gotten done yet this time around.
Fortunately, my husband calmed me down with a simple, “I’ll get that done,” or “We can do that in an hour,” and reminders of, “The baby will be in our room for 6 months anyway.”
In the meantime, we’ve been doing our best to take advantage of the freedom and mobility we have with just a two-year-old to manage. She’s thrilled to welcome a new addition to the family and has been showing even more signs of independence, which is making me feel great about the transition. We hear a lot of “I do it myself!” from Bernadette these days as she climbs into her car seat, wipes off her hands and face and attempts to put her own shoes on.
But there are the downsides of late pregnancy too…waking up to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night, feeling slow and overwhelmed by my growing tummy  and the increased emotions as we get closer to delivery!
Listing those things, I think it’s time for me to book a prenatal massage, agree?
Talk to you next month!

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