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Our Ultimate Summer Road Trip Playlist

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Ready to hit the road with BCB? We are here with the best advice on taking the ultimate road trip with your family. From killer tunes to tasty snacks, games to gear, stay tuned here all summer long for the best road trip advice.
What’s the ultimate family round trip without the perfect soundtrack? Before you start frantically looking for a radio channel that will appease the whole family, check out this awesome playlist with amazing independent family artists from across the country.  By the end of the trip you’ll be having family sing-alongs to these cool new tunes. The best part? From June 5-June 11 you’ll be able to download all of these great hits here for free.
See below for more info on each artist, their featured song and some great road trip tips.
A note: While the playlist is easily stream-able online and via the Soundcloud app, downloading works best on the web version.  The songs must be downloaded one at a time. Select all or just the ones you like best!

Jazzy Ash “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.”
A touring artist steeped in the early roots traditions of American music, including that of New Orleans. Her next album will be “Swing Set,” coming on July 21.
“As a family, we travel cross-country a lot. We’ve discovered that is not just about the destination, but the wonderful curiosities along the way. Stop often and discover something new!” —  Jazzy Ash, mother of two (CA)
Dana’s Music Playground – “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”
This mutliply award-winning artist wants kids to get up and move to the music. Her new album is “Dana’s Best Jump and Jam Tunes”
“Play fun memory games like Mrs. Petty likes her spaghetti with… chocolate meatballs on top!” Go around the group adding one more additional silly item each time. If someone forgets an item, they’re out! You can also make a photo album featuring pictures of your destination and activities you plan to do, or people you are going to visit. Kids  can look through it on the way and get excited about where they are going.”  ~ Dana of Dana’s Music Playground, mom to 1 son (WA)
Little Miss Ann and Amy D  – “Senses Song”
These teaching artists from the Old Town School of Folk Music present a sweet and singable song to celebrate sensory explorations of the world. It’s from their new and acclaimed album “Keep On.”
“I’m old school, grew up road tripping a lot with my family.  When I was in preschool, we (eight of us) even drove in our old VW bus from Nashville to Mexico City!  Singalongs and games always got me through those long, long drives.” ~ Amy D (soon-to-be mom –  IL)
“Take a break from screen time and look out the window. Count cows, count signs, count trees, count barns or whatever you like. Look for different states on license plates. Make up funny stories and songs together. Oh, and don’t forget to get some audio books before your trip!” ~ Little Miss Ann, mother of 1 (IL)
From the forthcoming album “Made in LA,” this Latin Grammy and Emmy winning and internationally touring bilingual band serves up a tasty-icy treat of a song about a hero of the barrio.
Tim Kubart  “Superhero 2017 Remix”
2016 Grammy Award winner and Sprout TV host just released this remix of his kid anthem. Catch him on TV and on tour this summer.
Lisa Loeb  “Moon Star Pie”
One of the best-loved songwriters and authors, Lisa reminds us all that “you can make anything you dream,” and “It’s Gonna Be All Right.” The tune is from Lisa’s Parents’ Choice Gold Award winning new album “Feel What Feel”
“Always bring extra clothes for your kids and also for yourself. This is an easy one, but we often forget, especially as our children get older. There’s inevitably a coffee spill or worse. Always do a double check for your child’s favorite blankie or stuffed animal that they bring with them in the car. Check all of those times getting in and out of the car can result in losing something  irreplaceable that is near and dear to your child’s heart. ​” ~ Lisa Loeb, mom of 2 (CA)​
Red Yarn  “Mockingbird”
 This rollicking, harmonica-powered rocker will make any parent smile. And,  kids will love the call-and-response invitations in this song from the new album “Born in the Deep Woods.”
“Road trips are all about the music, of course! We always pack several CD cases full of favorites then take turns picking the next album. Road trip sing-alongs and dance parties in the car are the best way to get down the highway!” ~ Red Yarn, father of 2 (OR)
Justin Roberts “Rolling Down the Hill”
 This Grammy nominated artist’s songwriting powers are in full force on this song about enjoying the moment. It’s from his new and Parents’ Choice Gold Award winning album “Lemonade.”
Danny Weinkauf Red Pants Band “Transportation”
Never before released, this brightly harmonic songfrom a forthcoming 2017 album kicks off summer with a 60s-esque rocking traveling song.
“Our official trip manager is my wife who recommends plenty of snacks, water, and plastic bags (which can be used for many things like garbage or being sick). I recommend allowing the kids to take turns choosing the music you listen to which is fair, keeps the peace, and gives them something to distract them and keep ‘em happy and busy. Happy kids = a happy trip!” — Danny Weinkauf, father of two  (NY)

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