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Julie and Mark Steines Chat About Baby On The Way

By Lindsay Pinchuk
Photo: Mark Steines

You may know Mark Steines from his time on Entertainment Tonight and as host of Home & Family on the Hallmark channel, but you may not know his sweet wife Julie (you can see more on their relationship here). Julie has gained quite a following for her children’s books and philanthropic work, especially the work she does with her therapy dog Norbert. Together Julie and Mark have been raising Mark’s two teenage boys but are expecting a new baby girl in August! We chatted with them about how they are all adjusting (including the dogs) and what they expect when baby comes!

So how are the boys adjusting to this?
The kids have mixed reviews. They are old enough to know how babies were made. “Oh, I get it – you guys made a baby.”  They are happy and I think once she gets there it’ll be great. They’re both really caring about it.
And what about your original babies, Julie, your dogs?
I think they were the first ones to know – they are so overprotective. They do have a sense about them. The little one Norbert – more protective than ever.
Mark, you’ve raised two boys – how did you do it and have a full time career?
I actually dealt with “mommy guilt” all of the time. I pretty much raised boys from age 7 on and experienced that guilt. Not doing enough – want to be an amazing parent but have to go out to hunt and gather.
I think the key is not oversteering.  Know today may be a bad day, or a week that is bad. Balancing a marriage is the same way. Think of it as just a chapter in life. Stay calm. Count to 10, it’s ok. Life’s too short to get totally out of whack out of something. A tested life is a blessing, gives perspective on everything.
What are you most excited about? 
Julie: Having the responsibility for caring for another human and all of the discovery and wonder that comes along with that. It’s still hard to believe you could grow another human inside of you. I can’t wait to bring the baby into the world, help her learn and grow and imagine. Just the reward of being a parent.
Most nervous?
Julie: I want to make sure we have everything in line.  Mark: I want to be sure Julie’s patient and try to really enjoy the moment. My fear is that she’ll get so wrapped up getting everything perfect and that she won’t remember to be present with the baby and her family.
Norbert has a huge presence on social media, how do you feel about having the baby all over social media?
Julie: It’s been a great way to share our lives with our followers and watchers of the show. We will want to have some privacy but excited to share our daughter with the world. Mark: We shared our engagement, wedding, everything has been so supportive and incredible. So many people have fallen in love with Norbert and then Julie. When you read 99 percent of the things they are positive. People on the show already want us to announce the baby. They feel like they are a part of our family. Really feel this connection to us. We still need to be concerned about privacy and respecting a child that has no voice yet. Make sure there is no oversharing. It’s also a way to stay connected with family. Our family is in East and Midwest. We can do storytelling etc via social media.
One last question…Julie, what’s keeping you sane during this pregnancy?
Mark’s backrubs! They are very calming and zen.

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