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Famous Dads Dish on What They Want For Father's Day

By Lindsay Pinchuk

It’s time to celebrate all things dad so we asked some of our celebrity dad friends what they loved about being a dad and what they really wanted this Father’s Day! Still looking for gift ideas for your own dad or husband? Check out our gift guide!

Josh Gracin

You may remember Josh Gracin from his time on American Idol. This Michigan native and former marine is still singing up a storm when he’s not spending time with his kiddos.
Kids:Briana, 15, Landon, 11, Gabriella, 10, Isabella, 8
What’s your favorite part about being a dad?
Knowing I have four beautiful kids that depend on me in so many ways. Being able to help them learn how life works, guiding them as much as possible on their way to being responsible adults.
What’s the hardest part about being a dad?
With the schedule I work, it’s being away from them for long periods of time, something I can’t control. So for me the hardest part is balancing what reality is as opposed to what I feel is right.
If I could have anything for Father’s Day it would be…
Time with my kids without interruption or obstruction. I would love to never miss another important moment and somehow be in two places at once.

Robbie Gould

Chicago Bears fans know Robbie as the leading scorer in Chicago Bears History. This All Pro kicker is now the current placekicker for the San Francisco 49ers.
Kids: Griffin 3, Gavin 2

What’s your favorite part about being a dad? Honestly, they just make me laugh! Watching how impressionable they are at such a young age and how fast they grow…each day, month, and year is really fascinating.  I love watching their personalities develop; they are incredibly opposite, so it’s been fun to see new milestones from totally different lights.
What’s the hardest part about being a dad?  Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder, for sure. When I left for San Francisco in April, my family stayed behind to finish kids’ activities and school. It was really hard to leave, but thank God for FaceTime. It’s not the same as physically being there with them, but the luxury of screen time is a lifesaver.
If I could have anything for Father’s Day it would be…  When the boys started taking a liking to the game of golf, it was this golf-addict’s dream!  Breakfast, golf cart ride, putting green, and a nap together would be heaven. Easy enough, right? I hope my wife reads this!

Ryan Griffin

This country/pop star just came out with a fun, perfect for summer album called Sake of the SummerHis style is influenced by everyone from Vince Gill to George Strait and even Brian McNight.

Kids: Levi Hart 1.5 years old 
What’s your favorite part about being a dad? My favorite part about being a dad at this age is when he climbs on top of me and falls asleep. Sure I can’t breathe and my back hurts in the morning but it’s worth every second.
What’s the hardest part about being a dad? That’s easy…Mornings! Ha! That’s definitely a struggle. But the thing I’ve been dreading the most is knowing that the world is going to change him and there’s only so much I can do to preserve his pure heart – Lord knows I’m going to protect him as long as I can! 
 If I could have anything for Father’s Day it would be…to sleep in!

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