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Favorite Travel Gear for Baby

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Summer travel season is upon us!  As many of you gear up for adventures near and far, we want you to know that we have you covered with everything you need to get there, enjoy yourself and come home safely.  We’ll be sharing tons of great products and advice over the next couple weeks. Of course if you’re in Chicago, make sure to join us for our 7th Annual travel event on 6/19: Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

When you’re traveling with a baby under the age of one, your goal is to simply get there safely, make sure your child has a place to sleep and eat comfortably, get around and get home just as easily.   Here is our top travel gear for your summer travels with a baby in tow.

  1. 4moms Breeze, $299.99: Baby needs a place to sleep and we LOVE the Breeze!  Setting it up and taking it down is just that: easy as pie! It fits nicely in the trunk of a car and is great to keep at a cabin, grandma’s house or somewhere you travel frequently.  The bonus is the bassinet feature on top– perfect for your tiniest bundles.
  2. Crane Travel Humidifier, $29.99:  This small device can be a BIG lifesaver.  With its own carrying pouch you can now take this with you to help the air quality in any hotel room, cabin or small space.  It runs for up to ten hours and kills allergens and pollutants in the air.   This is a MUST for us when we go anywhere.
  3. Stokke Flexibath, $45:  This small tub folds up teeny tiny, BUT holds even a small toddler to ensure your little ones stay clean while on the road. Hotel tubs and sinks can be awkward, so this makes the bathing process super simple.  Plus you can lay it flat inside any suitcase.
  4.  KidCo GoPod, $49.99:  We all know it’s hard to leave without taking the comforts of home—including every piece of baby related equipment.   The GoPod is a foldable, transportable, 26 lb activity center.  PERFECT for travel and occupying baby while on the go.
  5. Babyzen Yo Yo (currently on-sale) $349.99 This stroller is meant for travel. While they have a version that starts at 0+ months and can hold a car seat, this one starts at 6 months and is the perfect travel companion. It folds so small it an fit in the overhead bin, BUT is still substantial enough to navigate even the toughest city streets, wherever your adventures take you.
  6. Contours Love Carrier, $99: This new to market carrier is a great price point and does not require an infant insert.  We can’t think of a better bonus for travel than NOT having to keep track of an extra piece of equipment.
  7. Babybjorn Travel Crib Light, $209.99: One of our favorite pieces of travel equipment, this crib is SUPER light and folds up into a suitcase of its own. It lays on the floor so the base won’t buckle—making it comfortable even for small toddlers who still find comfort in a crib.
  8. PackIt Bottle Bag, $19.99:  PackIt comes in all sizes and is perfect for transporting food and beverage while traveling for the day, a weekend or longer.  It keeps everything cold and safe AND you can refreeze it to do it all over again when you come home!
  9. Twelve Little Backpack, $195:  Getting through the airport with a baby is made so much easier with a backpack.  This one by TwelveLittle is one of our favorites.
  10. Babyganics Travel Essentials Kit, $13.99:  All of your baby’s personal care essentials wrapped up into one travel kit.  It’s all you need!
  11. Guzzie and Gus Perch, $69.99:  This travel high chair can attach to any surface making it super simple to feed your baby on the go.  This is also a great piece of equipment to keep at a cottage, lake house, grandma’s house or somewhere you will be spending extended periods of time.
  12. Summer Infant Tote Travel Stroller, $129.99: Finally a stroller that can keep up with your stuff!  A giant storage basket allows you to take this stroller (and everything you need!) with you on any adventure!

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Make sure to check back for more travel tips and our favorite gear throughout the week.  Happy travels!

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