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Packing: What's in My Carry On

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Lindsay Pinchuk, BCB Founder + CEO
Summer travel season is upon us!  I travel all the time—for work, pleasure, with kids and without. As many of you gear up for adventures near and far, we want you to know that we have you covered with everything you need to get there, enjoy yourself and come home safely.  We’ll be sharing tons of great products and advice over the next couple weeks. Here is a glimpse of what is inside my own carry on bag. 

I travel A LOT, both with and without the kids.  Here are things I always make sure to take with me on my adventures!

  1.  MY CARRY ON BAG, a TwelveLittle Unisex Courage 3-in-1 Tote, $189:  I fell in love with this print when I saw it and have not put it down since. This bag holds a TON and can be worn as a backpack, cross-body or on the shoulder—whatever the occasion may be.
  2. Bumkins Snack Bags, $5.99: When traveling with the kids I bring tons of snacks to keep them occupied. I love packing the snacks inside mini reusable bags to minimize the mess.
  3. Swell Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $35:  Have you seen how much a bottle of water costs at the airport? Bring your own empty bottle and fill it up once you’re through TSA.  Your water will be cold for over ten hours. PLUS,  you’ll not only be saving money, but you’ll also be saving the planet.
  4. Munchkin Snack Catcher, $6.99:  These are great to put cereal or small bites of dry food for the plane or the airport. Plus they’ll keep little ones busy as they try to get the food out.
  5. Babyganics Hand Sanitizer, $5.99 for two:  No explanation needed here. This is one of our favorites though.
  6. Le Sportsac Pouches:  These keep MY contents organized. From makeup to receipts and other important nick nacks, I have a variety of these I use all the time to make things easy to find and accessible in my bag.
  7. Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens, $17.99: When traveling I always keep a change of clothes for me and my kids as well as diapers and wipes inside here (when they were small). These lined bags keep anything soiled and wet contained from the rest of the contents in your bag.
  8. Water Wipes, $11.95 (for a two pack, 60 ct each): I ALWAYS have wipes with me and these are some of my favorite.  Made from just TWO ingredients, 99.9% water and .01% grape seed extract, these are gentle and safe and honestly wipe anything clean.
  9. Toys:  When traveling with my kids I always bring toys for them. One tip: take old toys from home and wrap them in tin foil. Every so often give them a new toy.  The thrill of opening the toys will keep them busy during a long flight.  These are from Green Toys and are among my favorites as they are made from recycled materials.
  10. The Pop by Doddle and Co, $9.99:  This is brand new, but if I had a baby still I would DEFINITELY take this with me anywhere I went. This pacifier is designed to collapse within itself when it drops—keeping it clean.  We all know how germy airports are, right?

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Make sure to check back for more travel tips and our favorite gear throughout the week.  Happy travels!

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