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Back To School Clothes For Preschoolers

By Lauren Ikenn

This post is brought to you by Stuck On You–the experts in personalized, scratch-resistant name labels, we’ve got all the shapes, sizes and colors to suit every child’s personality. Label it or lose it!
With every new school year comes a new wardrobe and this year we made it our mission to find the cutest clothes for your little ones. Check out our roundup on the best back to school clothes for preschoolers, they’re all well worth the purchase. 

  1. S’more T-Shirt from Psychobaby, $16.00: We want s’more shirts like this one!
  2. Blue Rainbow Tee from Hanna Andersson, $30.00: This rainbow tee is simply fantastic.
  3. Custom Disney Princess T-Shirt from Shop Blake Ruby, $28.00: This shirt is proof every little girl can be a princess.
  4. Berry Graphic Tee from Tea Collection, $26.50: Your little one will be ‘berry’ glad you bought her this tee.
  5. Stripe Tunic from Nordstrom, $18.90: Stripes never looked so good.
  6. Jade Green Lace Dress from Target, $19.99: This adorable dress is the perfect choice for any occasion.
  7. Unicorn Hoodie from Doodlepants, $39.99: Take your child to the land of make believe with this unicorn hoodie.
  8. Charcoal Woven Ruffle Top from Sprout San Fransisco, $42.00: This charcoal top can be paired with anything, making it a wardrobe necessity.
  9. Black Ruffle Pants from KicKee, $25.00: These black ruffle pants are a must for all little girls.
  10. Blue Mountain Tee from Zutano, $15.00: Between the vibrant color and mountain design, this tee truly has it all.

  1. Superman Graphic T-Shirt from Nordstrom, $13.90: Help your little one feel like a hero with this Superman t-shirt.
  2. Shark Hoodie from Doodlepants, $39.99: Your little one will go crazy over this adorable shark hoodie.
  3. Short Sleeve Polo from KicKee, $26.00: It’s never too early for your little man to start wearing polos.
  4. Navy Striped Sweatshirt from Sprout San Fransisco, $50.00: This striped sweatshirt is both comfortable and stylish.
  5. ‘Little Baller’ T-Shirt from Target, $6.99: Is this ‘little baller’ t-shirt not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?
  6. Striped Reversible Hoodie from Zutano, $44.00: This reversible hoodie gives you two hoodies for the price of one.
  7. Sesame Street T-Shirt from Shop Blake Ruby, $28.00: Your little one can be a part of the Sesame Street gang with this personalized t-shirt.
  8. Gray Joggers from Tea Collection, $26.50: These gray joggers are as versatile as it gets.
  9. Personalized Dinosaur T-Shirt from Psychobaby, $18.00: Add a personal touch to your child’s closet with this dinosaur t-shirt.
  10. Jogger Jeans from Hanna Andersson, $35.00: Jeans with the comfortable fit of joggers. What more could you ask for?

Looking for some back to school shoes for your little one? We’ve got those too!

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