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Top Educational Apps To Get Your Kids Ready For School

By Lauren Ikenn

This post is brought to you by Stuck On You–the experts in personalized, scratch-resistant name labels, we’ve got all the shapes, sizes and colors to suit every child’s personality. Label it or lose it!
Thanks to technology, we can help our children succeed more than ever in school. We rounded up some of our favorite educational apps. This diverse group will leave your children feeling prepared and excited for the upcoming school year. 
Fish School HD, (Free):
This free, award-winning app features 8 educational activities meant for children 2-5 years old. Fish School HD focuses on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, matching and music.
LumiKids Park, (Free):
LumiKids Park helps your children with their visual-motor coordination, sorting skills and attention-span. Not sold on LumiKids Park? There’s also LumiKids Beach, LumiKids Backyard and Lumikids Snow.
Pizza Fractions 1, (Free):
Introduce your elementary-aged children to the world of fractions with this highly ranked, educational app. They’re bound to feel more prepared for school (and probably hungrier) after playing.
Homer, (Free 30-day Trial, $7.99 Per Month):
Homer teaches your children to read and features everything from reading lessons and stories to art and music activities, which promote creativity.
Blue Apprentice Elementary Science Game, ($3.99 Per Month):
This intergalactic app focuses on a real elementary science curriculum and covers important concepts like the Periodic Table.
Todo Math, (Free):
This widely recognized math app features daily challenges, quizzes and a parent’s page, aimed to help parents stay up to date on their child’s progress.
Endless Alphabet, ($8.99 Per Month):
Help your children learn their A, B, C’s with this interactive app. Endless Alphabet includes engaging animations, word games and 100 words to learn.
Shiny Circus, ($1.99):
Shiny Circus teaches your children mathematical concepts in a new and exciting way. Through games and a storybook, your children will learn a wide range of math skills they’ll be able to use forever.
Gus On The Go: Spanish For Kids ($3.99):
It’s never too early to teach your children a second language. This educational app includes interactive lessons built to help your little ones learn Spanish. Gus On The Go is also available in 27 other languages.

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