Summer BCBucket List: Emily Fee

Emily Fee

BCB caught up with some of our favorite moms across the country to get the scoop on what they can’t wait to do with their families this summer. Make sure to check out their awesome websites designed just for moms!

Name: Emily Fee

Calls Charlotte NC and Edmonton AB home

Kids: Colette 4, Wesley Bass 5 months

About: My blog reflects my modern approach to parenting, love for fashion (for both mama and baby), and lifestyle.

What Emily and her family can’t wait to do this summer: 

  1. The first thing on our bucket list includes a road trip to Hampton, NY. Fresh Pond is our favorite beach in all of The Hamptons. It is situated on Gardiner’s Bay where the water is calm making it the ideal spot for little ones to explore the water, build sandcastles, and find sea creatures..
  2. When we’re in NC we’re most excited about taking Colette fishing. Fishing is simple, inexpensive, and provides great learning opportunities!
  3. Our favorite family friendly restaurant in Edmonton, AB is Little Brick. It has a comfy and cozy atmosphere and delicious pastries. They have delicious coffee for the adults and even steam milk in a to go cup for the kiddos.
  4. Our favorite ice cream spot in Charlotte is Golden Cow Creamery. Charlotte’s first craft ice cream company where there ice cream is made from scratch. They don’t use any artificial syrups, fillers, preservatives, or food coloring, which is very important to me.                                                         Follow Emily on Instagram @emily.fee or Twitter @FeeEmily.