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Crib Notes from a New Mom: Heidi Hageman

By Lindsay Pinchuk
Heidi Hageman is a true #momboss.  She heads up her own PR firm h2 Public Relations with offices in both San Diego and Chicago, and reps some of the best restaurants in the country! She is also a brand new mom to adorable baby boy Charlie. Heidi fills us in on all of the things she’s discovered as a new mom that help her get through the day!

1. Spearmint Love, Gown & Hat Sets: I just adore this Grey Whale Newborn Gown & Hat set from Spearmint Love. Not only is it absolutely darling, it’s the softest organic cotton and there’s plenty of room to grow into. They offer several cute sets for newborns.
2. Dock-A-Tot: This is my #1 lifesaver product. The Dock-A-Tot is designed to feel like a cushy swaddle it and makes Charlie feel safe and snug. The dock can be placed in the bed, crib or pack-and-play to give him his own space and to protect him from any accidental roll-overs. I love my Dock-A-Tot!
3. Boba Air Lightweight Carrier: My husband and I are big travelers, and when we had a baby, we were determined to continue traveling with him! There are lots of baby carriers out there, but many are big and bulky. That’s why I love this one. It’s small enough to fold and zip up into an easy travel-style pouch and tuck into a carry on bag. When on the plane, I can easily strap on the Boba and tuck him in to sleep for takeoff and landing so he’s safe and secure in my lap.
4. Smashbox: Red Wine Cream // Red Lipstick: Makeup and hair with a baby? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead of trying for a full face of makeup these days, I throw on a dark lip to make myself look somewhat presentable as quickly as possible. Not to mention it distracts from the big black circles under my eyes! I like Smashbox’s Red Wine Cream.
5. “Believe” Mantraband Bracelet: Having a baby was hard for us. After several losses and many failed rounds of fertility treatments, my spirit was a bit broken. A friend gave me this “Believe” affirmation bracelet right before I got pregnant with Charlie to keep me focused on my goal. I still wear it everyday to remind me just how far we’ve come, and how grateful I am for every moment as his mother. <3
6. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles: We’ve used several different kinds of bottles, but if a glass option is what you’re looking for, I’d recommend the Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles. The silicone sleeve provides great grip, they are stylish and dishwasher safe.
7. Oilogic Slumber & Sleep Oil: This is a clean and all-natural essential oil that I lightly dab on Charlie’s forearm with the easy roll-on applicator. It’s soothes him when he is fussy, and almost always instantly stops his tears—particularly when I’m changing him in the middle of the night. Not to mention it smells great!
8. Nuk Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups: Pumping is hard work and takes a lot of time! As a business owner, I’m all about the multi-task. The Freemie cups allow me to be hands-free while pumping, which also gives me the opportunity to catch up on work emails and texts.
9. Intelligentsia Coffee: When morning comes and the calls start coming in, I need caffeine and I need it fast. We live on the edge of Logan Square and Avondale, so Intelligentsia on Milwaukee (next to The Logan Theatre) is my go-to for my morning cup of coffee. It’s just a quick and easy walk down the street, and I can take Charlie with me.
10. Doddle POP Pacifier: Because I’m a new mom, I’m a hot mess 95% of the time. So, his binky? It’s probably getting dropped on the floor…regularly. The Doddle POP is a super cool silicone pacifier I discovered that folds back into its own self-protective bubble when dropped, keeping it clean for instant re-use.

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