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True Tales of Labor & Delivery: Quite the Scare

By Lindsay Pinchuk

July 21st, 2016 at 1:30 pm my water breaks while laboring at home that morning. I knew this baby was ready to come out and fast. My husband and I head to the hospital with excitement to delivery our 3rd baby and to find out if we have a girl or boy. Checked into the hospital around 2:00 pm, hook up to the monitor to check baby heart beat and then my contractions progressed quickly that we knew this baby was coming soon and fast. The nurses prepped for delivery and said to get ready to start pushing. I chose not to have an epidural again.
My contractions start to progress quickly before I know it the pain is so intense that around 3:45pm I’m ready to push and meet our new baby. Pushing starts going good with each contraction. Finally, another push and my baby’s head is out. Now I’m thinking and remembering from before that the hard part was over and that all we need is few more pushes to have our baby out. I begin to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, but still no baby. Now, I begin to worry as I see the nurses and my midwife faces begin to worry as well. I started to feel that something wasn’t right.
Things start to get really intense with pressure and feeling the urge to keep pushing but my contractions begin to level out. Before I know it my midwife and the nurses are practically yelling and telling me to “keep pushing, we need to get this baby out and get this baby out now!” I look over at my husband and notice his face become pale and nervous as I’m trying my hardest to get this baby out I knew something wasn’t right. That’s when my midwife pushes a red button and calls red alert. A rush of nurses and doctors race into my room. My midwife and my nurses are now pushing on my bellying still telling me “Push! Push! You need to push to get this baby out NOW!”
My husband is trying to hold it together and I just know something isn’t right and finally the baby comes out at 4:26pm, a baby boy but he isn’t breathing. He is limp, gray and lifeless.  My heart dropped and my mind is racing with thoughts. Why isn’t he crying? What’s wrong? They took him right away, put under the lights to start working to get him to breath. Those few seconds of my husbands and my life are the worst and lasted forever waiting for that cry and anxiety of the possibility that he wouldn’t make it.
Finally, we hear that cry and it is the best feeling in the world. After a long few minuets I am able to hold my baby boy who is 10 lbs. 3 oz.! He looked like a 2 month old and we fell in love right away. Our biggest baby yet. Today he is a healthy, fun-loving 1 year old that’s all over the place and loves to play with his two older brothers.

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