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How We Are Preparing Dog For Baby

By Lindsay Pinchuk

As excited as I am for Baby G to get here, part of me is already missing the special time we have as just a family of three. When Riggins became a part of our family about a year ago, I never realized just how much a part of our family he would become.
I’m not ashamed to admit that we’re probably those “crazy dog parents,” but we’re ok with that! I get emotional thinking about how much he’s grown and the closer we get to baby, the more I worry about how he’ll react when he is no longer the center of our world. I know eventually he’ll learn to love his little sister just as much as he loves us, but I have a feeling it’s going to take some time. I’m so excited to see how Riggins and the baby become friends over the years though! Here’s what we’ve been doing/ how we are preparing dog for baby:

  • When we first brought the car seat home, Riggins was terrified of it. He just barked and barked and barked at it. The same thing happened when we put the stroller together. We put them out of sight for a while, but a few weeks ago we brought them out and put them in the living room to help him get used to them. We’ll push the stroller around every so often and he’ll sniff around both the stroller and car seat. He no longer barks so I think we’re making progress!
  • Once we have the nursery set up, we plan on spending time with him here just cuddling and playing.
  • Riggins has always been a snuggler, but lately he’s been extra snuggly with me! At night when we’re on the couch together I let him lay on my stomach so he can feel the baby move and kick. I have no idea if this means anything to him, but I figure it can’t hurt!
  • Before we come home from the hospital, we’re going to send my parents home with a blanket with the babies sent to give to Riggins. When we do come home, we’re going to leave the baby with my parents or Brett’s parents for a few minutes and just spend time with Riggins before we introduce him to his new sibling.
  • I know the days and weeks after bringing the baby home will be a blur of emotions and exhaustion, but we’re hoping to give Riggins at least a little one on one time every day.

Do you have any tips for helping a pet adjust to a new baby? I’d love to know what helped for you!

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