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Crib Notes from a New Mom: Angelique Cabral

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Angelique Cabral spends her days playing Colleen in the comedy Life in Pieces, which follows one big happy (and sometimes dysfunctional family), but at home, she is spending time with her own family.  The new mama just gave birth to baby girl  Adelaide Grace born on September 7th. Angelique shares some of her new mom must-haves with us.

  1. Carter’s Kimono tops – We live in these!!! They make changing easy and the umbilical cord isn’t bothered.
  2. I play Kundalini mantras 24/7 in her nursery and I played them during her birth. They calm her and I swear that is why she’s so zen and chill!!
  3. Mesh panties – Post-surgery… cannot live without them…enough said.
  4. Milky Mama Milk Collector – I use it after feeding to collect remaining milk, usually about 2 oz each feed! A great alternative to pumping after every feed!
  5. Boppy – We use this all the time! We set her in it during her “awake time” on the table while we eat, on the couch, just a place for her to chill and feel like part of the family!
  6. Swaddle – She can’t sleep without a swaddle! We use the ones from the hospital still, or the Halo Sleepsack.
  7. Boppy changing pads liners – We put one of these down on her actual changing pad so we don’t have to keep washing her changing pad cover. We go through about 3 a day!
  8. Pacifier – we have about 100 in every place she might be! We use it to soothe her after she eats. (they introduced it to us in the hospital and it’s a game changer)
  9. Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy swing – Baby Adelaide loves this for her “awake time” after eating, especially the birdie noises!
  10. Sound machine – Sound Bub is our favorite for travel and the Skip Hop owl for her crib at night
  11. Gugu Guru – I would be lost without it! They’re custom concierge baby registry planning helped me so much during pregnancy especially about what gear to get etc. and now post-partum too!
  12. Motherlove Nipple Balm – The best. Organic, limited ingredients, safe for mommy & baby. I love it it’s my fave!!

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