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First Look at the ABC Kids Expo!

By Lauren Ikenn

ABC Kids Expo is officially in full swing and we’re so excited to share the amazing products we’ve found on the first day! Make sure you check back here tomorrow for more great picks and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a behind the scenes look at this year’s incredible event!

  1. Meal Maker Dough Set from Green Toys: Thanks to Green Toys, you no longer have to worry about your child eating his or her toys. Green Toys’ new line of dough is food grade and made with organic flour.
  2. Backpacks from Affenzahn: These backpacks are beyond adorable and in addition to the variety, Affenzahn uses materials made from recycled PET bottles.
  3. Pineapple Light from Goodnight Light: Pineapple is the international symbol of welcome, so what better way to welcome home a new child than with a pineapple light?
  4. Baby Toys from Oli & Carol: These chewable baby toys are handmade, non-toxic and eco-friendly and can be used as teethers or bath toys. What more could you ask for?
  5. Affirmation Cards from The Renegade Mama: These positive affirmation cards make the perfect gift. The Renegade Mama has cards for children meant to promote self love and confidence and cards meant for moms and moms-to-be.
  6. Baby Toothbrush & Storybook Set from The Brushies: Make brushing your baby’s teeth fun with this adorable set, complete with a finger puppet toothbrush and themed story.
  7. Zigi Winter Outfit from Mima: This fashionable stroller accessory keeps your baby protected and warm all winter long.
  8. Infinity Bibs from Finn + Emma: These bibs are cute and functional, making them a necessity for your baby. OH, and did we mention they’re a VIP Partner?
  9. Reversible Quilt from Clementine Kids: This reversible quilt is the perfect addition to your baby’s room. Not quite sold? The quilt also comes in different, yet equally adorable, styles.
  10. Washable Rugs from Lorena Canals: When it comes to kids, the more that’s washable the better. These trendy washable rugs are perfect for every household.

That’s all for today but make sure you check back tomorrow for our day 2 finds! #ABCKidsExpo17

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