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How To Maximize Your BCB VIP Membership

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We are often asked how people use their BCB VIP membership. There are so many great discounts but it can be overwhelming to think about how to maximize them! We asked our Chicago Market Leader Jessica to take us through how she uses the Chicago discounts available. 
When my son was 6 months old, I decided to stop teaching and stay at home.  While getting to spend each day with him has been rewarding, I quickly realized that being a stay at home mom can be expensive! Trying to entertain a rambunctious child all day or take advantage of my fleeting 45 minutes of “me time” can add up pretty quick.  As a Bump Club and Beyond VIP member, I’ve been able to get deals around the city that has allowed me to save money and take advantage of the great places our amazing city has to offer.  Here are a few ways I am saving money  with BCB VIP. 

  1. Mr. Dave Music in Wicker Park

My son, Charlie, is obsessed with Mr. Dave so it works to my favor that we live 2 minutes from his store.  Not only are there music classes, but yoga and drum classes as well.  I decided since we go so often, it made sense to purchase the 16 class pack.  All VIP members get 10% off, which brought the price from $260 to $234,  a savings of $26!

  1. Zazazoo Nail Salon in Bucktown

When I am able to escape for 45 minutes, I run to Zazazoo to get my nails done.  The staff is friendly, the store is clean, and you even get a LaCroix when you walk in! The best part is that every VIP member gets 20% of their service.  I like to look at this as free tip! My manicure goes from $15 down to $12.

  1. Little Beans Cafe

When the weather is bad, we have a playdate scheduled, and don’t want to destroy one of our houses, I always suggest Little Beans.  This is a huge play space with locations in Bucktown and Evanston, complete with a train table, little playhouses, dress up clothes, trucks, and a coffee bar with food! Instead of paying the admission fee of $12, I now only pay $10.  

  1. Lil’ Kickers

Around town I always saw little boys and girls in their Lil’ Kickers uniforms, so thought this would be a perfect activity for my high-energy 18 month old.  It is a great program and my son has learned a ton! Each family that signs up pays a monthly fee for the class and a one time registration fee.  But as a VIP member, Lil Kickers will waive your registration fee of $36! Another great savings!

  1.  My Gym

Last but not least, my son and I did a trial class at My Gym when he was really little.  He started crawling early and loved to climb on anything, so I found this to be a perfect place for him to explore! As a VIP member, My Gym waives your Lifetime Membership Fee of $75! This is really a huge win! It’s basically like getting a free month of classes!
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