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The Third Trimester! Entering the Home Stretch…

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Wow! I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of my pregnancy. This time has really flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was being introduced to the Bump Club community, and now I have less than 8 weeks to go until we meet our little girl. I have to say I’m equal parts excited and nervous, but I think that’s normal in the third trimester. Right? We still have some work to do before the baby comes (we haven’t started on the nursery and our hospital bags aren’t packed), but I’m not feeling stressed at all about getting it all done. Considering I had our wedding planned in about a month after getting engaged and our house decorated within weeks of moving in, it’s surprised me just how laid back I’m feeling.
How Far Along: 33 weeks
Due Date: Early December
How I’m Feeling: Overall I’m feeling pretty good, though I definitely have days where I just feel uncomfortable. My energy is up and I’m sleeping well (knock on wood). I feel bad saying this because I’ve been lucky to have such an easy pregnancy, but I’m getting to that point where I’m over it. Oh, and I really want a glass of wine!
What I’m Craving: After craving all the fruit my first two trimesters, I no longer crave it, but I still have been eating a lot of fruit. I haven’t noticed any crazy cravings (other then really wanting ice cream the other night) and I’ve just been maintaining my normal diet.
Symptoms: Still no major symptoms. Every once and awhile I’ll have some heartburn, which is something I’ve never experienced before. It actually took a few times for me to even realize what it was. It never lasts long though and isn’t every day, so it hasn’t become a big issue. After a lifetime of weak, brittle nails, my nails have finally gotten stronger. This is a pregnancy “symptom” I hope is here for good.
Exercise: I’m still taking Bar Method 3 times a week and running twice a week. My runs are getting slower, but it still feels good to just be able to get out and break a sweat a couple times a week. The other day my Bar Method instructor told me I was “killing it” in my plank and that gave me an extra confident boost! It also motivated me to continue to work hard each class.
Recent Highlights:

  • We did a 4d ultrasound in early September and though I have always considered these to be a little weird, I’m so happy we did this. My husband wasn’t able to attend our 20 week ultrasound due to a client commitment, so it was special to get another opportunity to see our little girl together (my OB stops doing ultrasounds after week 20). Of course she wasn’t exactly being cooperative and kept her hands and feet in front of her face for most of the session, but the technician at Goldenview Ultrasound was so patient. She had me drinking juice, doing jumping jacks and stretches to try and get her to move. We eventually got a few peeks of her face and Brett thinks she has my nose!
  • I’ve been attending the monthly Bump Club expectant parent dinners and through these dinners I’ve met a few other first time moms due around the same time as me. (We’re all having girls!) We’ve met for coffee a couple times and have plans for play dates after the babies come. Most of our friends in the city do not have children yet, so starting to build a support group of new moms is going to be so important in the coming months!
  • Our baby shower this month was so special. I had friends and family come in from across the country and I loved spending time with them as they showered baby G!

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