Mealtime Monday: Jar Bar’s Toast Two Ways

toast two ways

We love finding unique local restaurants so we were beyond excited when Jar Bar opened their doors last May. Located in Northbrook, Illinois, Jar Bar is a healthy, fast-casual restaurant, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Known for their delicious toasts, overnight oats, salads and rice bowls, Jar Bar has become a Bump Club and Beyond favorite.

We caught up with the founder of Jar Bar, Karen Firsel, and she taught us how to make their beloved toast two ways. Toast is such an easy way to feed your family and it’s a great excuse to get creative, adding in whatever you have in your fridge. Check out Jar Bar’s delicious avocado toast and sweet potato toast below!



Video and recipe from: Jar Bar



  • Sweet potato (roasted/pureed)
  • Multigrain bread
  • Bananas
  • Slivered almonds (if no nut allergy)
  • Cinnamon maple syrup (Can substitute this for honey)

Video and recipe from: Jar Bar


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