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Our Favorite Snowy Day Activities

By Lauren Ikenn

This post is sponsored by B. Toys but the activities are ones we love to do with our families!
Playing in the snow is always fun but there are tons of great activities your family can do indoors on a snowy day too. Below are a few categories of fun things to do, but keep in mind: the possibilities are endless if you use your imagination!


It’s never too early to explore your little one’s creative side.

  • Sing Along With The Animals In Mooosical Barn: With a spinning mode and a music-only mode, Mooosical Barn is the perfect toy to include in your sing-along.
  • Put On A Family Jam Band: Gather your kid’s instruments and rock out. Don’t have any instruments? No worries! Gather pots and pans, it’s just as fun.
  • Play Name That Tune: This game is perfect to play with your bigger kids, it’ll keep them amused for hours.
  • Sing Your Heart Out With B.’s Okideoke: Put on a family concert and sing along to the 8 pre-recorded tunes or record a song of your own.
  • Put On A Play With Props in a Box: Props in a Box come in various themes and include assorted props for two characters and a backdrop. What else could you need?
  • Make Your Own Dreamcatcher: Let your little ones take control of their dreams as they make their own personalize dreamcatcher.
  • Create Music With Symphony in B.: With 13 instruments and 15 songs and symphonies, your whole family will be amused for hours.



Who says you have to be outdoors to be active?

  • Make An Obstacle Course With B.’s Tunnel-O-Fun: Arrange B.’s Tunnel-O-Fun, some balls and some cones and BAM, you’ve got yourself an exciting new obstacle course.
  • Do A Fitness Class: Get your little ones’ hearts pumping with a fun workout DVD or some easy exercises.
  • Play Wii Sports: Have a Nintendo Wii? Fire it up and let your kids choose their favorite sport.
  • Have A Dance Party: Put on Pandora and get to dancing, you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.



Break out the snacks and do a game day or night.  

  • Play Board Games: There are so many board games to choose from but some of BCB’s favorites are Monopoly Jr., Yahtzee, Operation and Yeti In My Spaghetti.
  • Teach Your Kids A New Card Game: Whether it’s Uno or Go Fish, card games are always fun and easy for your little ones to learn.
  • Act Out Charades: Find out who’s the best actor in the family with a friendly game of Charades.
  • Challenge Your Family To A Game Of Hide-And-Seek: Hide-And-Seek is always a family favorite and it’ll keep you occupied for hours.
  • Drive With B.’s YouTurns: Put your little one in the driver’s seat with this interactive car game.



Nothing’s more delicious than food made with your family. 

  • Get Creative With Your Desserts: The fun of decorating these spooky desserts is reason enough to bake with your kids.
  • Teach Your Children How To Make The Basics: This way, the next time your children ask you to make them grilled cheese, you can have them do it themselves.
  • Make Dinner As A Family: Split the cooking amongst your family members and enjoy each other’s company while you cook.
  • Create A New Recipe: Put your minds together and come up with something new, it’s bound to be delicious.

The look, feel and functions of our toys are inspired by the world around us. By our children’s faces. Our dreams. Our own childhoods. Our travels. By our parents. Our history. We find so much inspiration everywhere. B. toys have a lot of intriguing patterns, a lot of details and unique colors. You’ll even notice our packaging feels a little different too, easy on the hands and easy on the Earth. We use eco-friendly reusable bags, soy inks and water-based varnish and we use recycled materials whenever possible. We make life easier for moms and dads, and they trust the quality of our products and our commitment to the safety of their children. 

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