Closing the door on 2017…and opening the door to 2018!



HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!

We couldn’t close the door on 2017 without a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for making this year our best year yet…what an EPIC year for BCB!  We look forward to 2018 and the opportunity to provide you and your family with the best resources, support and community as you continue through your parenthood journey.

If you thought that 2017 was amazing, just wait until you see what we have in store for next year! Not only will we continue to expand our offerings for parents and parents-to-be through our current platforms, but we will be adding many more LOCAL events and opportunities for the many of you who want in on the BCB action.

As 2018 is upon us, we are very excited for what is on the horizon.  In case you can’t wait for the official announcements, here is a sneak peek:

  • Our BCB VIP parent perk program will continue to grow and offer members the BEST discounts, gift cards, gifts and perks to parenting.  In addition to the hundreds of national discounts and perks, we are adding a TON of local discounts in our current cities:  Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin.  IF YOU’RE NOT IN NOW, DON’T LET 2017 END WITHOUT JOINING US, use the code HOLIDAY to save 50% off either a one-year or lifetime BCB VIP membership.
  • We are adding NEW MOM MARKET LEADERS in cities across the country to bring BCB to more of you!  (Interested in being a part of our team?  Click here for more.)
  • GEARAPALOOZA 2018 kicks off on February 5 in AUSTIN, TX with FIFTEEN stops in 2017! The BIG NEWS is that if you’re a BCB VIP not only do you get the ONLY discount on Gearapalooza tickets, but you will get an exclusive special gift when you check in at our events. Do you have your tickets yet? 
  • In just a few weeks we will unveil our 2018 webinar calendar!
  • ….and so much more.  This is just the beginning of 2018!

Every member of our team works tirelessly to bring you the best events, programs, information and more.  It is with great pride that I share that in 2017 Abbe Herman became our Events Manager, Lauren Ikenn our Digital Manager and Drew Valko our Controller.  Samantha Lande has continued to bring amazing content to the BCBlog and Katie Blozis and Lindsay Frost continue to work with our amazing brand partners.  We look forward to adding to this amazing team in 2018!

Every single day I think about our amazing community and where it started.  As I travel across the country, I love seeing moms who started with us in Chicago and have moved, as well as moms who I have met on my travels and continue to come back year after year.  YOU are what makes the incredibly special BCB community.

As many of you know, we were lucky to host the cast of  ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ in Chicago this fall.  The cast was BLOWN AWAY by the response and welcome that we gave them here in the Windy City.  (They personally shared this with me the following morning when I had the chance to interview them.)  I shared with them that the reason for this was simple:  The BCB Community.  The hundreds of moms who joined us that night were not only so jazzed to be in that room amongst the a-list celebs, but they were also beyond excited to be there together.  The feelings of our community were felt by EVERYONE in the room that night.

To everyone who has joined us throughout the last seven years, from the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough for helping to keep it going. There is no other community in the country connecting moms and moms-to-be with the best resources, best information, best experts and WITH EACH OTHER on a daily basis in so many places.  It’s because of YOU that we accomplish all that we set out to each and every day.

As always, we have a LOT to look forward to as that ball drops and January begins.  Until then, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Healthy New Year! Rest up and get ready!

See you in 2018,

Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder + CEO and our team:

Abbe, Lauren, Katie B., Lindsay F., Samantha and Drew